PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] The driver’s essential knowledge, understand them before you are the old driver

In the PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield game, whether the player is playing single player mode or multiplayer team mode, it is important to use the vehicle flexibly.

The vehicle has many roles in the game. It can be your transportation tool or your cover. It can also be your weapon of attack. In short, if players are flexible in using vehicles, your chicken strength can definitely make a qualitative leap.

[Vehicle Type]

There are six kinds of vehicles in the game, there are three kinds of cars on the land, and two kinds of motorcycles. Species, the only vehicle on the water.

The cars are squat cars, cars, and off-road vehicles. The feeling of being opened up is very exciting. It has a faster speed, and the terrain is very practical. He can run on grass or hillside. However, because the speed is too fast to drive, the number of passengers is limited to two, and the defensive power of the embarrassment is low, and people who ride can easily be killed.

The car can ride four people, and the speed is the fastest in the car, driving is very difficult, even if the old driver will be afraid to drive, because when the driving is fast, A small slope is easy to overturn. The car body has the ability to be bullet-proof, the defensiveness of the wheel is also high, and the safety factor is large.

The off-road vehicle speed is the slowest in the car, but the stability of the off-road vehicle is high and it is easy to drive. The most important thing is that off-road vehicles have good defensive performance and a very high safety factor.

The motorcycle is divided into three-wheeled motorcycles and two-wheeled motorcycles. The motorcycle is very flexible and extremely fast, but the operation is very difficult and the novice players are careful to try. The two-wheeled motorbike can ride two people and is very flexible. The most interesting is that when the old driver drives the motorcycle, he can perform acrobatic skills such as flipping, bouncing and aerial leap. The playability is very high. A three-wheeled motorcycle can ride three people, but the operation is too difficult, and the player should keep the body as steady as possible while driving.

The boat is the only vehicle in the water. The boat can help players cross the river, cross the sea, and fly in the air. It is very practical. However, it is very difficult for the ship to turn or turn around, and if the player wants to master it requires some practice.

[Use of Vehicle]

The purpose of the vehicle is many. It is not just a means of transportation, it can also be used as a cover for the player.

If the player finds an assault condition while driving, he can use the vehicle as a cover and hide behind the vehicle to exchange fire with the enemy. However, the vehicle is likely to be destroyed by the enemy. It was found that the vehicle was emitting smoke and it was necessary to withdraw immediately to avoid being injured. Abandoned carriers are highly safe and are useful as a shelter.

The vehicle can also be used as an attack weapon in the game. When the player has just landed, in the absence of guns, the player can drive to hit the enemy and ensure their own safety. However, the player must pay attention to the position of the enemy when he hits the target. Once the enemy hits the vehicle, the player will be killed.

The vehicle can also attract enemies. When the player drives the vehicle, if the player cannot find another player, the player can click on the horn of the vehicle to attract the attention of other players. Once the enemy When you open fire, the player can find the enemy’s position. When the player is attacked, he can switch positions quickly, change from the driver’s position to the seating position, and use the defensive performance of the vehicle to exchange fire with the enemy.

Vehicles are used for many purposes in the PUBG Mobile: Stimulus field. Players must master the operation of each vehicle and become a qualified old driver.

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