PUBG Mobile guide [Novice Guide] Don’t do headless flies, map architecture is memorable

PUBG Mobile stimulates the battlefield map to be large and elaborate, even if it is a piece of wood in the game, it is elaborated by the studio. This has attracted countless players into the game, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the game while searching for resources and searching for enemies. Before the new players play the game, they should understand how the map structure of the game is; which areas are the battlegrounds of the army, and the chances of the emergence of important resources are large; which areas are barren and the resources are scarce. Only after vividly reviewing these knowledge can the new players be able to continue to grow, technology can be improved, and become a master admired by others.

Players can look at the top left corner of the map. Here, there is an area named Z City. The amount of material within it is sufficient compared to most resource points. Remote location, few players will stay here for a long time. Here is surrounded by several roads, and the traffic is convenient. The new player can choose the landing area as this place, and after searching there, go to another place.

Starting from Z City and heading south, you will arrive at G Harbor, which is rich in materials and has more houses than Z. There are many more cities, which also means that there are often players coming here. Often at the beginning of the game, you can hear gunshots resounding across the sky at G Harbor.

There are hospitals not far from G Harbor. The materials available here are also quite abundant. Due to unique scenery and special floor structure, players like to hone the marksmanship here. .

There is an area on the left of the map named G Town. Some young players will confuse it with G. The materials here are not as much as G Harbor. Far from G Harbor and the hospital, if the player wants to use the tactics of playing field to penetrate the entire game, he can consider landing in this place.

In the lower left corner of the map, there are three areas: the mine, the fishing village, and the Port P. The first two materials are relatively Concentration, especially mines, can often find supplies on boxes. However, these two local resources are at a moderate level, and it is difficult for players to change themselves and have luxury equipment. If you want to eat chicken steadily, players can quickly plunder in these two places. Afterwards, they can immediately arrive at P. There are both speedboats and cars here. They have a lot of resources and are easy to reach. It is a good place for growth.

Continue eastwards. If you cross the bridge or cross the river, you will reach the place with the most abundant resources in the map. ——the military base. Finding a vehicle here is a sure thing. Firearms, medicines and other resources are even more needless to say. When a player lands in this area, he will always see a large number of players beside him. Only by destroying these enemies will the player be able to sweep away the resources at ease.

There is also an inconspicuous area in the east of the military base. Its name is N Hong Kong. It also has many resources. Due to military bases, it often suffers and the war spreads to this place. It is a common thing.

If you do not cross the bridge or cross the river and head northeast, you can reach P City, which is on the map. The center is close to schools, ruins, and three places in R City. These four places are highly competitive and it is not recommended that new players with less experience use this area as a landing area.

Above these four areas are the shooting range and the S city. The S city has more resources than the shooting range. However, due to the short distance between the two places, the two places can be shuttled to and from the two places. , so many players will compete in these two places, fighting for your death.

Schools, Ruins, R City, and P City have many resource points: Y City, Bungalow, Air Defence Cave, Farm, M City, Nuclear Power Plant, Prison, L City, etc. Resource points are relatively intensive. No matter which place the player chooses as a landing place, the fighting may start at any time. Therefore, the new players who choose these areas must tighten their nerves and constantly observe the left and right sides.

There are two resource points in the upper right corner of the map. One is the ruins of the mountain top and the other is the K city. . These two locations are different from the Shooting Range and S City. They lack resources and cannot satisfy most players. If new players want to practice wild tactics, they can choose to land in these two places.

The above is a brief description of the structure of this game map, and the specific situation requires the player to personally observe the game. After mastering the knowledge of the map, the new player’s game awareness will also be different. It will become a master player who knows where the enemy will choose to hide, and has a great influence on Voldemort and the Water Ghost.Protected against.

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