PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile teaches you how to become a good teammate

As more and more people participate in the PUBG Mobile game, the battlefield begins to grow more and more violently, which is mainly reflected in:

1. Don’t you fall into a box! There are more than eighty people!

2. How did you lose the line?

3. Hello! You are saving!

4. Don’t you wrap me?

5. Hello! Come fight! Are you running a ghost?

Just run in the same In the room, standing in front of the same gun, and as long as one of them gets the gun, there will be a person who complains silently. Once the teammate drives away, or does not pull you at a crucial moment, let alone match the next time. Now, search for goods must be separated from the two places, and then begin 1V2, 1V3, 1V4! At this time, how to become a good teammate is very important!

The main role of good teammates It is vital to maintain the unity of the team and maintain an atmosphere of friendship and mutual help among the teams. Even if you have poor marksmanship, poor eyesight, and bad luck, all of these will not matter, and this will not affect you to become one. Well-known teammates, as long as you do not dig all kinds of pits for teammates to jump. For example, if you fall to the ground and you don’t get a gun, you have to face the opponent with the gun. Then you fall to the ground instantly. Then the enemy does not kill you. You start madly calling your teammates to save you. The result is very miserable. The rest of the teammates either have to go through a lot of pressure to save you, or they can only go to the safe area with the buffs of the incensions. If you encounter more enemy teams than you do, you will have to score points.

Being a good teammate If you do not have enough self-confidence when you use a good gun or high-powered lens, you can turn on the voice to ask which teammate needs, and then let the other party use their own relatively familiar props to exchange, this will not only greatly enhance the teammate’s goodwill for you, and such interaction is also Let the other side think for you, if you get a good gun, but not familiar with it, it is likely to become a box of people being jealous, and in this case, why not give the gun team a better teammate than yourself?

As a good teammate, he has to pull up teammates at key moments, regardless of the game What is the result is not how to get the first, but how to enjoy the process, to promote team spirit through teamwork, to combine individual interests and overall interests, and to ensure that the teams can work in harmony with each other to ensure that the team can be high Run efficiently. You don’t need to charge forwards, but you have to leave a drink when your teammates have no medicine. When his teammates fall to the ground, find out when he can pull him up so that he can continue fighting.

After all, being a good teammate for selfless devotion, at least it’s just like me, I can’t just do my best to get rid of the dash. Assisted, since CARRY cannot battle the entire battlefield, it will allow teammates to assault. Whether it is their own little partner or matched teammate, they will be moved because of your “team spirit”! Although people do not know that your real goal is to let others win.

You don’t want to say, I’m a chicken, but I often get 0 to 1st place, not because I can’t, but because I’m a good teammate! Hey! Someone else wants to invite me!

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