PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie guide] Meng new attention, kind of situation you do not know is crying

To play games, the most important thing is to have fun and play with our PUBG Mobile: it is even more exciting to stimulate mobile games. Whether you can win or not, you must first maintain a good attitude. Now I will send the following content to all players, I hope you all can be happy.

First of all, let’s share PUBG Mobile: Stimulate the battlefield. We may encounter several screens in the game

Knowing whether or not players have such an experience is that they have a grenades in their hands and are bent on trying his might. They finally see an enemy not far away, so you don’t hesitate to throw the grenades out. … it was bounced back, congratulations you get a blood, surpassing 99.9 percent of the world’s players.

2. The other kind of speech is a bit silent, that is to die, sometimes we will find ourselves After jumping from a very high floor, I still hopped around, but sometimes I actually saw the end of the game after a mountain slope accidentally went down. It was estimated that I met a folding space. Although it was only a small hill, it should be comparable to Everest. The existence of peaks.

3. Don’t know whether or not each player has such an experience, that is, suddenly encounters an enemy in a small room, and he and the other party are panicked. There was no gun fight. After the reaction, the two people are circling around each other and want to hit each other without being knocked down by each other. So a good game of bloody gunfighting becomes a stage for crickets.

There are many wonderful deaths in the PUBG game. I only listed three situations. Everyone can write what they have come across. share.

After you said so much about me, I have recently encountered a very distressing thing, that is, someone always wanders beside me and asks me to play for more than a thousand years. The first few hours of success have been done several times first, i have been twice as good, for a long time I really can not stand it, then I could not help but spray him “I ask you not to ask me old play How many times did I do several times in over a thousand hours? If I can play first, I still play more than a thousand hours?“

Here I can’t help thinking about Tucao playing PUBG Mobile with my teammates for the first time: stimulating the language of the battlefield in double rows, when we were in a language, because of security The time has come for the district, so we need to quickly transfer our positions, so we have found a car in the town. At this time we were rushing to show off our driving skills. In the end, he won. I told him to drive the car out to the road and I would take it and let’s go together. This time he kept saying “Good, good, good, see my brother show you my car skills”, the next thing that happened I never forget. After his groans, “Where are you? Get on the train! The time is coming! Where are you feeding you? Oh, I found a box here!” I: “What is it? You’re rolling for Lao Zi! & rdquo; emmmmm…

This issue is for everyone to share so many happy moments. I hope everyone has a good experience in the game.

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