PUBG Mobile guide [Novice Guide] Refused to blindly choose the right vehicle for your needs

How to survive to the end, this is a question that every player has to think about when he plays “Chicken” games. Players must not only guard against enemies who might put cold guns at any time, but also pay attention to the shrinkage range of the safety zone and the location of the poisonous ring. The map is one of the features of this PUBG genuine mobile game produced by Photon Studio. The big map also wins cheers from many players. This can also invisibly improve the difficulty of the game by a grade, players have to travel somewhere longer distance, want to quickly reach the destination, you need to use the same tool in the game & mdash; & mdash; vehicle. There is not only one type of vehicle in this game, nor is it the best vehicle. The player should choose the vehicle to be driven according to different situations.

If a player wants to swim across the river and chooses to swim, not only will he spend more time but he may also be attacked by the enemy. Find. Because players can’t use firearms to attack in the water, if there are enemies on the shore, they are basically out. In order to speed up the process, new players can choose to drive a speedboat. Although it is not more flexible than a car, it is a good choice compared to swimming. And if the safe area contains water, new players can also use the speedboat to reach the waters. This is a shortcut.

There are four kinds of loads available on land: jeep, motorcycle, car, and saloon. If the player chooses a four-player mode and the whole team has a large number of remaining players, the player must search for a jeep. Driving this vehicle is relatively stable. Even if you encounter an enemy, the other members of the vehicle can shoot it steadily and you can kill the enemy without leaving the vehicle. Due to the rigorous structure of the jeep, it can also help players to resist bullets. In most cases, the enemy who attacked the jeep hit the bullet on the body. And when the speed is fast enough, the player can also roll over the enemy directly and let him out.

So under what circumstances can you choose a vehicle like this? Before driving, players need to open the map To analyze, if the road to the destination is bumpy and bumpy, even if the players are reluctant, they can only give up the motorcycle. If you are forced to drive on such a road, you may not have encountered enemies and your health has decreased. If you meet the enemy again, you will be afraid of the fire and become a courier. Your own equipment will be owned by the enemy.

The car is suitable for walking on a flat boulevard. Players find this vehicle and pick a road that can reach the destination from its location and then follow this road. Due to the rapid speed of the car, if a new player is worried that the vehicle is turning over, then slow down properly. When you are close to an obstacle, you can quickly stop the brake and turn the steering wheel to the left or right to stop it safely.

蹦蹦 is a favorite vehicle for most players. It is fast and suitable for use with poison. Circle competition. If the player is away from the safe area “hundreds of thousands of miles,” running on both legs alone, I am afraid that will catch up with the poisonous circle, to end the game. Therefore, if necessary, new players should seek out such vehicles. Of course, there is also a corresponding flaw in the 蹦蹦 m m m m m m m m m m m m m 只能 只能 只能 只能 只能 只能 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。.

After the new player learns to drive different vehicles in different situations, he will continue to temper and advance, and one day the enemy will be allowed to admire them. In the process of practicing, new players must also pay attention to the relevant conditions of the vehicle. The vehicle cannot be driven after the vehicle has no fuel. At this time, the player is required to fill fuel. If the vehicle emits gray smoke and is about to explode, the situation is irreversible. Players can only give up the vehicle and find it again.

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