PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” explains various terms in the game.

PUBG Mobile is extremely rich in terms of various operations, tactics and forms of death. It compresses a complex matter into a few short words. Understand that when these words are opened, these short words can quickly explain the status quo so that the team can quickly enter the battle. What are some of these convenient and practical words? Let’s take a look at the following and explain the wave!

1. Voldemort: The Game One of the most hated tactics of the gamers is better to say that it is dark. Of course, it is a player who will take such a tactic because it is really too wicked! The specific operation is extremely simple, find a grassy place (with a Geely service effect doubled), and then squat, complete, because the probability of the finals brush in the wilderness is higher, so Voldemort is extremely common in the later stages of the game (Voldemort is The famous novel, the characters in “Harry Potter”, because of the literal meaning of the Chinese name, was engaged in a wave of things by the PUBG Mobile players and had to say that Chinese culture is really profound.

2. LYB (anything that can be typed): LYB is not inferior to Voldemort’s yin. It is also disgusted by many players. It is common in the house. It often appears when you are happily scavenging. When you can see him, you are dead.

3. Phantom Tank: The tactics and the above two tactics are collectively referred to as the three major PUBG Mobile spells, and the Phantom Tank can win There is also a reason for this kind of address. The specific operation is to find a prominent vegetation in the plains or uphill areas, and then head over it (when there are grass around, combined with Voldemort is better) because of its hidden nature. Specially high, it is often unknown to many players and it is often unknown and together with Voldemort and the finals (Phantom Tank is derived from the game “Red Alert” which can be changed to a tree to escape the attack of the tank Because of its similarities with the tactics, it is used by players for this tactic.

4. Cross the bridge Fee: The specific operation is to cross the car across the bridge, so that the enemy can not easily bridge the bridge, they are hiding near the opportunity to opportunistic action (in the word bridge fees, in fact, refers to the bridge is the player’s equipment, with you To die if you have to cross the bridge.)

5. Sister: This word is almost the same as the meaning of wretchedness in MOBA games. Basically, the meaning is not to look for things. In the finals.

6. Sunset red: specifically refers to the bad marksmanship, the elderly marksmanship, also known as human stroking, common in open black teammates The mocking of each other and the mockery of the enemy will not let the atmosphere be awkward (it is better than saying garbage guns directly).

7. Into a box: In PUBG Mobile, the player will be turned into a box after death, so it is called a box and it is dropped into a box. This means that players who have just fallen to the start are killed.

8. Courier: Players who lost in the battle are often called couriers because they die after the death. Interestingly set, the box is also filled with his equipment, so this type of player is dead so called. The destinations they deliver to couriers are often found in small towns and mountains with complex terrain. They are often cruelly killed by the recipients in various tactics.

9. Playing wild: Refers to skydiving and jumps to places where there are relatively few resources in the field. Never enters a big city and can only rely on a car to find resources in various remote places.

10, Water Ghosts: When there are waters in the safe area, people are usually hiding in the water, and they are near to the shore. From time to time, they come to the shore and give you a shot. This kind of dangling in the water is called the water ghost. .

11. Safe area: Refers to the white circle on the map. The area will not be toxic, but the safe area will follow. The approach of the poisonous circle has gradually become smaller, and it has become smaller randomly. Therefore, newcomers must pay close attention to changes in the safety zone and enter the safe zone in time so that they will not be poisoned.

12. Running a poison: The process of running into a safe area from outside a safe area is called running a poison. You need to be careful in the safe area. There may be someone on the verge of a person who specializes in running poison. Before entering the safe area, remember to fill up the blood.

13. The Ring of Heaven, the Scourge: The next safe area is where you are, or it is closer, then this The safe area is a ring of fate for you, but it is far away from you, or across the river, across the bridge, is the worst, this is the sacred circle for you.

After learning more about the explanations for so many PUBG Mobile terms, do you feel that you have entered the ranks of the old players? However, but want to be an old player, not only to understand the numerous words in the game, but also to crush most players in operation, what? How to improve operation? Of course it is to bring a few friends to show!

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