PUBG Mobile guide [Novice Guide] Playing wild chicken routines to avoid falling into boxes

Although PUBG Mobile: Stimulate the battlefield this game is more dependent on marksmanship, but having a certain strategy is the key to winning. Due to the incorrect location of the landing site, many players have caused an embarrassing situation in which they were killed. For novice gamers to have more gaming experience, introduce a new game strategy to players today, let the new players bid farewell to chicks and eat chicken tonight!

Wild tactics analysis]

The so-called wild tactics, first determine a position far from the aircraft route as the target, that is to say other players will not fly to the zone, and then the player Land in a city that is closer to the target location, quickly find a vehicle after landing, and reach the target location as quickly as possible.

The main thing about playing wild is to search for supplies everywhere. There is no specific place to search for, and it slowly gathers into towers, accumulates less, and gradually grows its own backpack.

[Advantages and Disadvantages of Wild Tactics]

Wild Tactics The advantage is that the survival rate in the early period is higher, and the game experience can be guaranteed firstly; the player can also search far away from the safe area because the area is rich in resources and there are few enemies, reducing new players and other players. The situation of the gun. Because you own a vehicle at the beginning of the game, you don’t have to worry about the danger of the safety zone too early.

The disadvantage of playing wild tactics is that after the first wave of searches, the player runs the poison almost all the time; in the process of running the poison, he must also guard against the ambush of other players; The goals and voices are very large and it is easy to attract the attention of other players. When the wilderness is destroyed, the player is likely to die in the poison area.

[Notes for playing field tactics]

1. If the player starts to play wild tactics, the player must make sure that he/she is on the landing. Quickly, try to choose to dive, do not glide to waste time. If other players land faster than you, you are likely to be killed or the vehicle will be driven away by others.

2. After the parachute is turned on, observe the dynamics and landing directions of other players to ensure that they are in a safe state. .

3. When players search for supplies, they must pick it up when they see gasoline. Otherwise, it is dangerous to run the vehicle without oil.

4. A wild player can fight poison into a safe area in the early stage, but when entering a safe area, it is necessary to observe whether the edge of the area is safe to enter.

5. When the game reaches the later stage, the player can abandon the vehicle. After all, the vehicle is attracting attention.

6. Playing field requires the player to have a certain driving skill. Players who will not drive need to be careful.

[Strategies for Wild Tactics]

After the player lands, observe whether other players’ landing sites are a threat to you; if there is Dangerously, after the player finds the vehicle, he can use the way the car hits to kill your enemy. After finding a means of transportation, it quickly reaches its target point. After searching for supplies, it feels that its own equipment already has the ability to fight. Players can try to pick up the first wave of airdrops. After all, players have vehicles and can quickly pick up airdrops and then run away. Use the vehicle as a cover when picking an airdrop and drive away immediately when the enemy discovers.

There may be many enemies encountered in the midfield, and if you find the enemy as you attack, the player will want to fight back. , Be sure to press down the speed, do not jump while driving; If the player does not find the enemy, try not to get off the counterattack, you should drive to escape.

Playing wild tactics also requires a lot of players to practice, and after having a flexible grasp of the wild tactics, not only is it practical in a single row, but also very easy to use in multiplayer games! >

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