PUBG Mobile guide [Throw Thunder Techniques] Throw mine bombing teammates on the battlefield? Do not know how to mix the correct position!

The thunder is a skill, and the chicken is very good: The grenade is well and the game is old. Whoever knows the beauty of grenades knows that chickens walked through the rivers and lakes with this craft and shoved overbearingly, killing LYB and deepening their names. The real thunder and thunderbolt is not a grenade but a missile.

You want to throw a good thunder We need to review the knowledge of high school physics: the best throwing angle and the maximum throwing distance; the mechanics of the throwing mechanics system, and the skill of accurately throwing it into the window with iron railings. Focus on key points!


Grenades are a collective name. The game includes fragments grenades, smoke bombs, blast bombs, fuel bottles, and monkey racing 呃 呃 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡Anyway, grenade is also called a thrower in weapons classification. Can you see it clearly? The premise of thunder is the throwing thing, so don’t always say to the pigmates afterwards. “The thunder nut” isn’t a thrower at all!

In the game, thunder is divided into three ways: high thunder, low thunder and falling thunder. Highest mine throwing distance is the longest, and the highest rate of low-throwing hits is, while land-falling mines are generally used for retreating, and they enter the poisonous zone to fight blood to save their teammates.

After reading three types of thunder throwing methods, the chicken is deeply involved in thinking. Is the way of killing his own people? Call reverse thunder?

45 ° Looking at Sky-type thunder

Throwing grenade requires not only a strong unicorn arm but also a clear knowledge of high school physics. In reality, the best throwing angle is 45 ° In order to avoid Newton jumping out from the coffin board, our game design also respects the facts (this chicken friend asks you to stand upright). So finding the right angle is the first step to throwing a grenade!

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Although saying 45 ° is a perfect arc, but the chicken friends do not Too stiff, if the enemy is in front of you, you must 45 ° thunder, then you can really repel the game world.

Running a throw will throw away a farther distance. An unintelligible chicken friend can go to see the javelin game of previous years. The farthest record of a chicken’s thunder is 80m . There are guts of chicken friends who may wish to learn from me. If you dare to win me, I dare to pull black ~ (supposedly to drink The energy drink can be thrown farther away.)

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The most important thing is that the grenade has a time of 5 seconds. After the time is over, the mine is not lost. I can probably break off the relationship with you. Afterwards, the time in my heart is calculated and the time is quickly taken. If not, it will happen if the grenades are still in the air. If this is the case, then you are celebrating the …… <123

After watching chicken The explanation, the chicken friends should be very thorough it ~ thunder is a very common thing, more fried several teammates does not matter, much more fried you know, or drive the most worrying ……

Summary of Chicken Lessons IMG_265


1. You can use the auxiliary line to aim at the positioning if you believe it can aim accurately.

2. Burning flasks and smoke bombs can all be worn through the wall, but the fragmentary grenades will bounce back. Don’t throw them on the wall. …..

3. If you are near a building, be sure to put a wall to thunder in order not to hurt yourself.

4. The thunderbolt will surely fly over the first layer of glass, but if it is double-glazed it may not be able to pass. Try to throw thunder between the windows.

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