PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile throwing weapons collection, advanced players necessary artifact

In a stimulating game, players often kill opponents through various firearms, but ignore the various throwing weapons in the game. In the game, the setting of the throwing object It can be said to be quite quintessential. In the more stale battles or in the attacking buildings and encounters in buildings, the role of throwing out a good mine is very great.

Throwing in the game Weapons are not only grenades, but also have a variety of other types of throwing weapons. If you want to increase your strength to a higher level, besides grasping the use of firearms, good throwing weapons are also good. More than indispensable. Next, we will introduce the various types of throwing weapons that appear in our games and their respective roles.

Fragment Grenades

Fragment grenades are the most common and most used throwing weapon in the game, and they play a great role in the game. The fragmentation grenades have a wide range of lethality. However, the damage will be reduced with the expansion of the scope. If it is hit by the center of the grenade explosion, then no matter where you are sacred, it must be defeated by a blow.

After switching to grenade and pulling the tab, the grenade will explode after five seconds, and at this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the calculation. The angles, directions, and times that are thrown away are simple geometry lessons learned in physics classes. If you do not want to lose it, you can lose a few more and create a more intensive manual bombing zone when the other party does not dare to reveal their heads. How can you bomb some of them? You must know that the explosion is a man’s romance!

Smoke Bomb

Smoke bombs have a very high refresh rate, which is very useful for players who team up to open the dark. One kind of throwing thing. Whether it is offensive or defensive, it has its own miraculous effect. The smoke from the smoke bombs has an excellent effect on disguising the vision. The smoke bomb has the same 5 second buffer time as the fragmentation grenades. Do more with less.

The smoke bomb is a great bunker, especially when it comes to saving people and running poison on plains. The premise is that if you want to throw a road, there are many words that can be left and right one, interfere with the enemy’s judgment of your ring line. The finals can not survive to see your smoke bomb technology.


The shock bomb is also called a stun grenade. The effect is similar to that of the flash bomb, but the effect is Far better than flash bombs. It can not only let the enemy lose sight, but also can make the target lose hearing, and has a very powerful effect in the attack on the building. But it has a hard wound, it is that it can not break the glass! Correct! That’s right! Grenades can be broken glass, it can not be broken!

The blast bomb explodes in just 2.5 seconds. Don’t throw it in the hand like a grenade for a few seconds. Flash to their own & hellip; & helllip; many of the first use of stun grenades Moe new, will be their own actions against the waves, such as hitting the glass on the rebound of the arc as if the system gave you a mockery, followed by it It is your blinking eyes and a tinnitus.

Burning flask

The Molotov cocktail also has its own show name called Molotov Cocktail. Many people may think that this is a cocktail in the nightclub, but it is actually another name for the indigenous firebombs. It often appears in the hands of irregular forces and street rioters. This stuff has a very high reputation in reality, and it’s very powerful. The blazing fire can’t be extinguished even if the water is burning. If you see someone in the game dragging long flames, it’s true that they are The burning bottle burned.

Do not underestimate the power of the burning bottle. It is the number one leader in road blocking and attacking rooms. When you are in the forest with an enemy gun, you are downhill on the uphill. Grenade will roll down. What should you do? At this time, a Flaming Flask can be solved. When the enemy flies near the tree, the fire will spread. He must jump out. At this moment, you can take him away. And two burning flasks can even destroy a vehicle. The power is very high. Don’t ask me why I know. I don’t want to answer such a sad question.

Throw items in the game It is an indispensable weapon. Making good use of throwing items can make you experience a higher level in the game, break the deadlock dedicated artifact, who knows who to use!

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