PUBG Mobile guide [novice guide] play style recommended, newcomers can easily win the first

The recommendation for everyone today is very suitable for new players. If you are a newbie, learn it quickly.

First of all, observe the flight route from the start and select some cities far from the route. Be sure to choose enough to arm yourself and Where teammates, keep the slowest speed in the skydiving, fly to the goal, and need to open an umbrella in advance when appropriate, then control the speed and continue slowly to the destination. This may be a relatively high calculation time for the early opening of the umbrella. This type of play is also loved by old PUBG players.

If you are not very good at skydiving, you can also choose to land directly near the vehicle and drive to your destination. In comparison, this speed may be a bit slower than the method of floating past directly, because this is a time to catch up with your game, so it is recommended that the first method arrives at the destination and control skydiving and practice more. All you need to do after you arrive at your destination is to quickly search for supplies to arm yourself and watch the safety circle refresh. In the presence of a vehicle, it is generally worthwhile to search for the first lap and continue to search for damage. It is only worthwhile to sacrifice some medicines because of the fighting power.

According to the above methods, materials will be relatively complete in most cases. At this point the player can choose to avoid the line of war and continue to advance, to enter the final round is very simple, in the process only low-risk air drops are worth fighting for. However, the premise of insignificant avoidance is to ensure that there are enough drugs and throws in the finals.

At the moment when the last enemy had only two or three people, the finals were very close together. Too much effect, and switch rifle burst mode and then calmly analyze the situation. According to the sound of gunshots, the position of the enemy can be analyzed. If it is in the team game, it is very likely that the remaining two players will be the first team. First, pay attention to the situation on the battlefield. At this time, you need to keep the energy bar full. When the circle begins to refresh, approach the safe area again. When you find that the enemy is also running poison, you can take the opportunity to attack the enemy, and not too much love, you will not die due to the death of the enemy. Finally, you can choose to slowly touch the past and successfully touched the foes of the enemy to successfully win the fire. Every detail here is the key to victory. You need to exercise yourself through actual combat.

This is a game that is suitable for the first shot of the game. We need to increase our winning percentage through intelligence and analysis. Some people in this game like to beat the energies of more enemies. Some people just want to enjoy the thrill of a fierce competition in the finals. No matter what, technology is slowly accumulating. Having fun is the key! 123>

Want to play PUBG Mobile to stimulate the battlefield This PUBG genuine authorized mobile game, in addition to technology, weapons are also the key to the game one. Many players like guns. Sniper rifles and rifles are the two types of firearms most popular among players in the game. However, in reality, sniper rifles require the cooperation of high-powered mirrors. Otherwise, even a player with certain experience can hardly exert his strength. The rifle is only enough for one, for novice players, rifles with shotguns are often more practical choices, but also as a novice artifact.

Well, the above is a new player who wants to win the first thing that needs to be mastered and hopes to help you.

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