PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] Small Objects Have Great Uses, Correct Use of Throwing Weapons

PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield In this game, there are countless materials, both large and small. In addition to understanding the knowledge of some firearms, many items are unfamiliar.

Many novice players are not good at throwing things, and feel that the throwing thing will only occupy the position in the backpack. The actual combat type is weak, but it is not so. The flexible use of throwing objects The role is not much worse than your gun.

Fragmented grenades

Fragmented grenades having a certain range It is lethal, and it is widely distributed in various locations on the map. The most important thing is that fragmented grenades are very practical.

It’s not rare to narrow down the finals to the town, but it is clear that the enemy is in that house, but players can’t blindly rush in. This is where fragmented grenades work. It shows up. Players can throw more fragmentary grenades into the house, forcing the enemy to escape the house or expose the target, and then take control of the initiative.

In the wilderness, if a player feels that there is an enemy nearby, he can throw a few fragmented grenades first because the fragmentary grenades will cause the surrounding people’s attention and take action after the explosion. You can observe the specific location of the enemy.

Don’t switch guns once you use the fragment grenades, because fragmentary grenades cannot be recovered once they are used. If the player switches guns, the fragmented grenades will explode underground.

Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs, as the name implies, smoke bombs Mainly diffused some smoke to confuse the enemy’s vision. Smoke bombs are usually essential supplies for big God players. Once the player is found by the enemy in the wilderness, smoke bombs can let you escape successfully. After players enter the finals, they can also use smoke bombs to block their vision behind them, thus avoiding their own enemies, increasing the chance of survival. The smoke bomb can also be said to be the biggest killer of a sniper. Once a sniper is found, releasing a smoke bomb under his feet can successfully escape.

The method of applying smoke bombs under the feet is very simple. After the smoke bombs are used, the firearms are switched directly and the smoke bombs are released in place.


The blast bomb can blind the enemy’s field of vision for 10 seconds. In this 10 seconds, the player There are many things you can do. Blasting bombs are usually the necessary weapons for the assaulters. Once they find the enemy, they throw a shock bomb and then quickly attack and kill the enemy. Most of the enemies will only shoot indiscriminately after they are hit by the blasting bomb or stand still.

Be careful when using a blast bomb. Once you make a mistake, the player’s vision will be blinded.


The burning flask is an artifact of the grass finals. Once it is found that the final round has a tendency to shrink towards the grass, the player must pick up the burning bottle.

Most of the players in the grassland finals are lying down, hiding themselves. In order to grasp the rhythm of the game, throw a burning bottle in the distance to find many enemies. Because the power of burning products is huge, they must be thrown away when they are used, otherwise players will be implicated.

PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the use of throwing weapons on the battlefield is very simple. Once the throwing weapon is used, the game interface will display the explosion process of throwing the weapon. The player can throw it at his own will. Throwing weapons.

In fact, these unpopular throwing weapons are of great use in the game. They are flexible and practical. Not only will you have unexpected gains, but you will also appreciate the entertainment of the game!

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