PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” wants to have a good start, so you have to do it!

There are too many players in a PUBG Mobile game, which leads to a lot of problems. The most typical one is to drop into a box, although there are many players to play. It’s very sensational, but if you’ve been experiencing a repeated start and sent, you’re going to lose it. It’s just a matter of personal distress, but don’t be discouraged. If there’s a problem, then there’s definitely a solution. Through constant groping, there’s something The method allows you to be stable as an old dog in the opening.

Opening Wild, the most stable development

The beginning must be stable. Playing wild is a word derived from MOBA games. It refers to the development of strange monsters in the wild area and does not follow the three main roads. In PUBG Mobile, it means that the starting point of the opening is a wild hut, avoiding a large number of large cities. Doing so can almost completely avoid the embarrassment of falling into a box. Although development is not as comfortable as in big cities, the use of small houses around them can also develop to the previous standard line. After the search is over, you can choose to touch and enter the big city to attack. Let them remember how wild the wilderness is! I prefer to be in the G town, where there are a lot of small houses walking in different places. Once someone is found in the air, they can also be transferred to G town, which can also be developed. Once there was a search for a high-powered mirror, decisively on the side of the mountain, a full circle of enemies are in my field of vision, stole a fat boy of the G port container, turned and grabbed the town with me grab G One of the enemies is simply esoteric.

If you don’t brush, I mean

Many people complain that instead of landing a box, they find a gun. However, everywhere people are, one is inattentive and will be bombarded by a gun barrel in the dark. Actually, this The solution is very simple. Just pick it up, choose a room in the safe area, or hide a little more in the toilet. After making the decision, he will pick him up to the calm, end up, and get rid of the sea, but you’re going The finals can not welcome the poor ghosts, development is still necessary, carefully pay attention to the outside movement, after all OK to go out, while the development of borders, while running side by side. If I run around in the wild, I will find a shrubbery and watch it for a few minutes and then continue to run. This way, I often pick up several people who are running wild and make a few waves.

Open, To the edge of the city, open

This can also be called fringe. Why should we do this? In fact, the main purpose is to avoid the beginning of the battle, after all, the beginning of the fight, this is not stable.

Although the noise of the outskirts of the city gives a lot of space, in fact, this method is very particular because it is necessary to avoid fighting. So you have to pay attention to the direction of the enemy’s flight after the parachute, and finally choose the edge of the city where you want to fly, instead of following you like and want to wave.

There is another advantage of the flying edge, that is, you don’t need to worry about behind the gun after you get up. If you fly a little inside, Then when you shoot the gun, there will definitely be a bunch of barrels that you’re crazy about. For example, when I jump to R City to see the distribution of the enemy, I will choose to drop the warehouse in the upper left corner or the village head on the right. In this process of advancing, I just need to pay attention to the enemies in front of me. Then I listen to the fierce firecrackers in the city and go from the edge. Slowly touch in, and focus on the direction of the gunfire. When the gunshots ceased, I rushed forward decisively. Through the box on the ground I discovered an enemy who was adding blood outside the wall and shot it directly.

The first place in the game (box)

Players with delusional disease If you are sure to fly, you don’t feel at ease. If you only have one gun in the Flyino area and you’ve been smashed, it’s no use how you run. If you’re awkward, you accidentally kill it, and you’ve been playing white for the rest of your life. , then for players who have this idea, there is a trick that is surely for you, that is, the fastest speed, landing.

The fastest speed landing is nothing more than a frenzied press of F on the machine, which can directly jump when jumping, when the audience is the fastest landing A player, but the speed of the landing and the searched items can not be half a centroin, and that was the first time I landed. The result was an airport route, landed without a gun, and it became the fastest box in the game.

Of course However, these are purely suggestions. The start is still better than luck. I have seen many big brothers. I didn’t find a gun for 3 minutes at the start. So compared to the technology, there is luck at the start to be more stable, but many people also say that They have met many people and started the S686 with a fistless death. However, this only shows that the champion is really strong and that these hammered ones may be quite skinny.

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