PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] The chick can fly and fly, and can also enter the finals without a gun.

PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the game’s popularity on the battlefield is so hot, then there will be no new players in the game. For novice gamers, eating chicken may become very extravagant. Even if you enter the final round is unusually difficult, what needs to be done to improve your ranking in the game?

[Selection of landing place]

Importantly, it not only provides the player with a safe environment, but also may cause you to be born in horoscope!

The landing point for novice players to choose as far as possible near the edge of the city or map Among the scattered houses, such an approach can firstly reduce the chance of encountering other players after landing, and allow them to be in a safe environment. However, the disadvantage of this landing point is that players are required to keep away from the poison area and may be far from the finals.

[Equipment pick-up]

Since the player landed more Remote, it is almost impossible to want perfect equipment. It is recommended that players use rifles when searching for firearms, and finding AKM, M416, or SCAR-L must be used as the main weapon. If there is a shortage of rifle resources, then submachine guns are selected as over-arms. The first thing to do is to ensure their own safety, because they are only qualified to pick weapons when they are alive. Pre-shot shotguns can also be used as guarding weapons, but if players are not very good at shotguns, they need to be changed later.

Pistols and halberds are only weapons that were used in the early stages to protect their early security. The choice of sniper rifle is related to the player’s individual. The sniper rifle that likes to kill from a distance is your best choice. If you are a sniper, you can give up the sniper rifle.

[Survival Strategy]

Players search for guns immediately after landing. After grabbing and grabbing, observe the surrounding situation and immediately kill the enemy after finding it. If you feel that your shooting accuracy is not high, you can ambush the enemy in the house, but remember that when the house ambushs the enemy, you must close the door. Give the enemy an illusion of no one in the house. If the enemy also found you, then look at the speed of the two sides shot.

If the player does not have a firearm and finds someone in the house, the player must flee decisively to another place. There should be no luck. Don’t take a straight line when you run away, you should take a tortuous escape route, which can greatly reduce the accuracy of the enemy shooting you.

When replenishing supplies, players usually have two methods. One is to re-search for houses that have been collected by others based on the time the poison area was reduced. Although there are no practical weapons for houses, most of the accessories and equipment can still be found. Another way is to search for the material of the victim when running a poison. In the early days, the material of the slain was very scarce. Once the player had played the game to the later stage, the number of those who had been killed gradually increased, and the materials gradually became strong. If the player’s late-stage equipment is formed, it is recommended that players search for the material of the victim and take away the medicine package. Do not stay too long to prevent the enemy from finding out.

During the reduction of the poison area, the player can adopt the strategy of taking drugs and fleeing in the early stages, which greatly avoids the chance of meeting with other players and increases your survival rate. However, late-stage poisoning is too painful and players should not try again to fight poisoning into safe areas.

If a novice player learns the above method, he or she can almost squeeze into the ranks of the finals. If the player is lucky, he can also eat chicken!

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