PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] The basic knowledge of new players, a detail will determine your success or failure

PUBG Mobile: Stimulate the battlefield There are many novice players in this game, because novice players lack game experience and it is easy to form a box. In order to improve the novice gamer’s game experience, this article has brought you some tips for eating chicken. After players understand these basic knowledge points, you can bid farewell to the newbie.

Secrets of parachute

Whoever first falls to the ground will have the initiative of the game. Why are many players better? Did you land at a faster speed or land than you landed? The answer is actually in the parachute.

If the player wants to land quickly, he needs to dive down the game character so that the player can land very quickly. During the landing, the player should not open the parachute. Once the altitude is reached, the parachute will be automatically started. After the parachute is turned on, the player will also make the game characters move in other directions, which can speed up the landing speed of the game characters. It lands faster than other players.

If the player wants to float far enough, he only needs to visually position the game below the game character and let the player glide so that they can float farther. After the parachute is turned on, the player will continue. Let the game characters move so that you can land further.

[Landing Site Location]

When landing, the player chooses to land on the roof and then quickly enters the house window. Inside the house, you can also choose to land on the balcony, so that players can pick up firearms the first time.

If a player is not exquisite in marksmanship, he can land in the wild, thus avoiding “landing into a box.” The awkward situation, to ensure their own game experience, but the player’s equipment may not be very mature.

If the player chooses to play wild tactics, he must land on the road or in the vicinity of the metropolitan area, because these areas have a higher probability of generating vehicles.

Players should not deliberately land on high-object enemy, such as a cylinder in a nuclear power plant. Because the cylinder is too high, the player will immediately become a box if he jumps. Location Do not intentionally land because of fun.

[Topography of Small Maps]

PUBG Mobile: This game stimulates the battlefield. The usefulness of small maps is extremely high. When someone is near you, the small map will have footprints, and as the enemy gets closer, the footprints will become particularly clear.

Once the player receives the attack, the bullet will be displayed in the minimap, and the enemy’s specific position will be passed by the player. The direction will know, can let the player find the shooter at the first time.

When the car is nearby, the small map will show the wheel’s sign, reminding the player that there are enemies around it, allowing the player to prepare for engagement.

[Tips for picking up items]

Players should always keep moving when they are carrying bags. Do not stand in the same place. move. Because once you are noticed by other players, you will not be able to fight back after aiming at your head.

Novice players can adjust the automatic picking function in the settings so that the system will help players automatically pick up more advanced ones. Supplies and equipment you need.

If the player wants to go for an airdrop, be sure to pack the backpack first, and do not arrange the backpack when the airdrop is dropped because there are many players who watch the airdrop, and the risk factor when you drop the airdrop. Very high. It is advisable to drove at the time of airdrop and use the vehicle as a cover. After picking up the supplies, they can also quickly escape.

After mastering the above tips, it will definitely increase your chicken’s strength. Oh, try it now!

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