PUBG Mobile guide In the face of these situations, indulge yourself but the effect will be good

It is fun to play the game, even if the player is particularly true, it is also a joy to win. But in the stimulating battlefield, it’s really not practical to say that it’s easy to win anytime because there’s only that poor one-hundredth winning percentage. The ultra-low probability of winning leads to the emergence of a group of “playing” players in the stimulating battlefield, and no longer be so nervous to survive! Take a look at these real “play” games, how to deal with these common situations.


First of all, the most serious situation is that during the final round of the finals, the situation was like this. Under my indecisive tactics, there are still two teammates in the finals leaping around and there are still nearby. There is the last enemy. At this time, as long as it is a serious and sensible person, he will certainly ask his teammates to continue to kneel down with him and look for opportunities to attack the enemy again.

However, this approach may be annihilated because it is too late to reach the next safe area. This does not stimulate the game. Let’s leave it to others, we will “play” the player to go up! Then the question has come. How?

The grenades have always been very powerful killers. Their role in the finals may be tentative bombing. When you find the enemy, you still have to rely on the gun in your hand. When it comes to this, some players will make a speech: “Isn’t it better to have a grenadier rush directly? Anyway, there is still a teammate who comes to the end of a wave of justice. Victory is in our hands anyway! “After reading this paragraph, do you want to let your teammates see a wave of Ray’s idea of ​​chasing after God?

When in the room, If the enemy finds his own position, what should he do when a group of big men are ready to rush? Most people will choose to stand by, prepare for a deadly fight, and may even come to a final goodbye with their teammates.

It can only be a miracle if you don’t know what you want to do. Listen carefully to their footsteps. When they approached, they opened the door by themselves. The gun was swept and the spray was a boom. Then, with the size of the door, another show appeared. Then look at these fallen enemies.

But it’s more likely to just kill one or two enemies (one can’t do it? Retreat!) You can quickly call your teammates at the beginning. Even if you are bravely defeated, the enemy may have already suffered a heavy injury after teammates arrived. Reliable teammates say what will help you to report this hatred.


The embarrassment is still awkward, the waves do not use too much stability, play games, playing with sex is more embarrassing, and friends open black no technology will not work? To tell you, this absolutely does not exist. Nowadays, there are so many talents on the Internet. If you look at some sarcastic routines and learn how to show sao activities, you will be able to receive a handful of shows when you open up. Ray said, how many people use this trick to replace a team, this is not shocking, maybe you can not replace a team, but you certainly enjoy the thrill of chasing the enemy bombing.

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