PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] The rapid increase in marksmanship, let you become the next gun king

Novice gamers who want to become chicken gods, relying on long playing time are not enough, but also need a precise design techniques and the correct training methods.

[Raise of marksmanship]

Many players are in the game because Shooting is inaccurate and is killed by the enemy. In the PUBG Mobile: Guild Battlefield game, it is a long process to raise the marksmanship. Is there any shortcut to quickly improve your marksmanship?

If a player wants to improve his marksmanship, he must first know that he loves the ballistic trajectory of the firearm. Only by understanding the ballistic trajectory of the firearm can the shooting accuracy be guaranteed. If the player picks up his favorite gun in the game, first test the trajectory of the gun in a safe area, use a tree or a wall as a target, and then shoot a bullet out of the bullet and observe the bullet’s beating line. Joining the bullet during the shooting process is gradually higher, then the player can be aimed at the enemy when the enemy’s body below the head, so that the bullet will slowly float to the head and successfully kill the target.

Players should pay attention when practicing trajectory. There is no difference between guns without accessories and accessories. Players need continuous trials to learn slowly.

[Practical experience]

After understanding the performance of guns, What players need down is the actual experience. Once the player receives an attack from the enemy, the approximate position of the enemy can be determined from the small map. When the player finds the cover, they will lie or lie down, and then the third point of view will be used to observe the position of the enemy.

After determining the position of the enemy, the player can first adjust his or her own state and use drugs to increase his health; if the enemy selects a raid in the process, the player should stop the treatment quickly and get up. Hit the enemy unexpectedly. The player must understand the enemy’s firearms in the hidden process, and cannot rush to shoot.

[Just Shot Strategy]

Certain tactics, if the middle distance crossfire, rifles plus 4 times the mirror will be your best equipment; long-distance fire, if the player does not have 4 times the mirror or 4 times the mirror above the equipment, try not to try; close fire, submachine gun and Shotguns are more practical, and if the player has only one sniper rifle, it is recommended to escape it! The assault rifle is most useful during the rush.

If the player plays from the low to the high, if there is a sniper rifle, he may choose to engage with the enemy directly; if not, the player can use the throwing weapon flexibly. The first use of firepower to suppress the enemy by hand, followed by the use of smoke bombs to block the view of the enemy, the player took the opportunity to transfer the position, take the attack way to kill the enemy in the heights.

[Location Exercise]

In PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield Game Among them, the best place to practice the marksmanship is in schools, P City and R City. In these three places, there are a lot of houses and abundant supplies, and these three places are located in the center of the map. Many players have landed here. Players can take this opportunity to practice their marksmanship and learn more gun-shooting skills. In addition, the transport facilities in these three places are well developed, and players have a high probability of encountering other players in the process of escaping.

Strong shooting is the basic condition for you to survive on PUBG Mobile: exciting battlefield, and it is also a necessary skill for you to successfully eat chicken. Players, quickly pick up your mobile phone to practice! 123>

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