PUBG Mobile guide 【Newbie Guide】Understand the flow of people, the poor farmer becomes the second largest landlord

In the PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield, the distribution of materials is not fixed, and sometimes even if many houses are searched, the equipment is still very poor. However, if a player knows where there is a large number of people, it is not easy to expand his backpack by means of a bag.


All along, the bridges are the transportation hubs in the map. There are a large number of people who pass through the bridge in each game. Players want to expand their backpacks and keep the bridge is a good method.

To keep the bridge closer to the safe area, first find a bunker to conceal it, then observe the enemy’s dynamics from the third angle of view. . Under normal circumstances, the players across the bridge are equipped with vehicles, so to kill the target, there must be a certain amount of equipment and shooting requirements.

The standard on the bridge is a rifle and a quadruple scope. If the player owns a sniper rifle, it is more perfect. The rifle can shoot the driver, force the target to jump, or kill the target directly in the car. The sniper rifle is more difficult because the target vehicle is traveling at a high speed, so it is necessary for the player to have a certain pre-judgment ability. If the sniper rifle hits the target, it usually takes the next shot. The first shot of the bridge is extremely important. It must hit the target. Otherwise, it will only make a surprise. Not only will the attack fail, it may also lead to an enemy counterattack.

If the player is forced to do so, he can directly choose to destroy the target’s vehicle and force the enemy to jump into the car. It kills.

While watching the bridge, the player must also pay attention to the underwater game. Many players know that the bridge is dangerous and have chosen to swim across the river. Players can also ambush them to get more supplies.


It will be very hard to hear the aircraft sound player. Excited, because we know that airdrops are nearby. After discovering the airdrops, the player should not move forward and can ambush around him. This not only avoids himself being in danger, but also he can hold the airdrop.

The short red smoke will instantly attract the attention of other players. Do not hurry to shoot once other players are close. When the player emptied, he shot himself at the head and gave the target no backhand. In this way, after waiting for the poisonous area to shrink, players are busy running poison. You can go out and vote for other people’s supplies, and you can also choose to enter the safe area with anti-drug, because the safety factor for such airdrops is extremely high.

[Dangerous Area Edge]

All along, card poison areas allow players to obtain sufficient supplies. Each time the player enters the safe area in advance, a bunker is first found, then stuck on the edge of the poison area and waiting for other players to enter the safe area.

Normally, players who run poison will panic and continue to charge forward. Do not shoot immediately after the player observes the target, because once the target enters the safe area, it will immediately replenish the medicine and adjust its status. Because the player can’t move significantly when taking medicine, the player’s shooting accuracy is very high at this time, aiming at the head to easily kill the target.

When a player ambushs an enemy at the edge of a poison zone, it is also necessary to observe whether or not someone is ambushing himself in the safe zone. When the player kills the target, you are likely to become the prey of others.

The flow of people in the above locations is very high. Once the ambush is successful, the players will become rich, but the risk factor is high. Players need continuous practice to gradually become the areas in these areas. King Oh!

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