PUBG Mobile guide 【Newbie Guide】Stimulate the battlefield to learn new skills

PUBG Mobile stimulates the battlefield, as Meng Meng must have combat skills, so as to be able to spend time in the early stages, and be able to live safely until late or even finally eat chicken! So today I will share with you some of your own skills .

Many people will be beaten in the wild and do not know where to get the bullet. This is because the enemy has a silencer. At this time, many young people will choose to kneel on the ground. If you do not move, then you are killed. This is the wrong method. The correct method is to skip the eyes and keep the eyes closed. Keep running. In the course of running, find the opposite direction according to the gunfire/flare/bullet bullets. Bunker, so as to avoid being knocked out perfectly, and at the same time when shooting the gun in the field, such as in the finals, the enemy is hiding behind the bunker, it is better not to leave the design, because your majesty will make you shoot in the vertical position. As the angle becomes smaller, it is difficult to shoot at the enemy. At the same time, there is a saying that stands tall and looks far away. It should stand and keep shaking, so as to win in the game.

It is also a very hurtful event to jump to the designated position, and there is still 100 points from the target point during the skydiving. When the meters are around, you can use the vertical drop, but also look down the line of sight, so that after the automatic opening of the umbrella you can drift to the destination.

If you are in a place with a lot of materials, in the case of some choices, do not take two guns of the same type, so that you have an advantage in both melee and distant battles. For example, if you have a back spray and then an automatic rifle, of course, a better choice is to carry an automatic rifle and a sniper rifle, this is to look at personal preferences, I personally think that the newest strongest match is M416/scar. +S12K.

Meng Xin has to use the automatic mode of the automatic rifle in the case of a non-building / street fighting gun. At the same time, it is necessary to develop the habit of submachine guns to adjust to the automatic mode. Otherwise, the bullets can easily be dried up by the enemy. The automatic rifle is recommended to use two sights and use a combination of high-power and low-power lenses. More calmly to deal with various situations, I usually red dot / hologram / double and 4 times for use, do not underestimate the low magnification, when the final battle is very useful, try not to install 8 times the automatic rifle, Because this is only suitable for watching the scenery, the range of the rifle is not so far.

The UZI on the map can be said to be all over the city. All of them have capacity and there is no second gun. When you see Uzi butt stock, you can maintain one’s life. If you use the F key to retrieve items when there are few things on the ground, use the TAB key if you have more items.

Finally, it is a little knowledge in the finals. If you expect to enter the finals, you must have more. Equipped with drugs, not for the other party to hurt you in time to add, but in order to kill the enemy outside the poisonous circle, using the direction of the enemy can not think, can easily win.

This is the basic skill that I share with you. I hope everyone likes it, and I wish you all to eat chicken!

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