PUBG Mobile guide made its first stop – military base

I believe that players who have been using PUBG Mobile to stimulate the battlefield for a period of time know that the fullest area of ​​the map is ! That’s right! ——the military base. Many players of steel gun technology flow will choose the military base for the first battle to get rich. However, it is almost impossible to have a clear style of play and train of thought if you want to get rich supplies at military bases or go out. Below I will bring you detailed play and routines for military bases. I hope to provide some help to friends who have ideas but no way.

We know that large areas of military bases include: elevated, C buildings, warehouses, and research buildings. We start from the two ways of thinking and use it as an extremely useful game for everyone.

Ideas 1: Preemption

If you want to preempt, you will need a better one. Location to observe the enemy. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that strong players choose to be elevated. Although the elevated area is small, its topography is the highest building in the military base, and the resources above and below the elevated area are not bad. If you can preempt this commanding height, most of the movements in the military base can be easily understood.

Some of my friends like to rely on their own skydiving techniques to take the lead in the top of the tower. There is a preconceived advantage, but its risk is also enormous. First of all, it is difficult for you to find out if you have the same idea. Second, because of the perspective, it is difficult for you to find the enemy that lands below you. While the tower supplies not only in the upper part, but also more on the two sides of the stairs. If you first go to the high tower, if you do not have enough material to collect, you will need to turn down the stairs. If you waste time and don’t say it, you may easily encounter the enemy upstairs. Therefore, it is recommended to land on the lower part of the tower and search from the bottom. The staircase resources plus the upper tower’s resources can basically suppress the enemies in other areas.

After being shot, if many people find it, they are advised to withdraw as soon as possible. After all, the tower’s bunker is small. If it is attacked by the enemy in different directions, the level of danger need not be much worse.

Ideas 2: Stabilize and win

First-hand development, equipment After the formation, the key points of the military base are cleared. Individuals are more recommended to start from two areas. One is the C-store right warehouse, and the second is the research building area. The reasons for choosing these two areas are as follows:

1. The area is simple and there are few outbreaks. Large-scale exchange of fire. Less enemies.

2. Being relatively independent, the back and the periphery are basically uninhabited areas, which can avoid enemies.

3. The search is convenient, the interior of the building is open, the rooms are few, and the search efficiency is high.

After these two relatively independent areas have been searched, they can choose to explore other areas to search for enemies. From the eastern side of the C building, you can choose to go to the north side of the C building. Starting from the research building, you can avoid the C building and go directly to the warehouse below the elevated level.

Of course, whether it is going to the C building or to the warehouse, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to the high point of the enemy. One is a sniper on the roof of a C building and the other is an enemy on an elevated bridge. These two points belong to the commanding heights of the military base. They can easily overlook the entire map. They are not alert enough and are taken care of by the high point enemy. A lot of attention needs to be paid to the card position and the position during the march to prevent the high point enemy from discovering or attacking.

If you can’t say no, you can’t do it. The players are hurrying to try it. The military base has made a fortune for the first station !

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