PUBG Mobile guide [Novice Guide] survival skills in the final round, let you go further from eating chicken

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield”, many players will be fascinated with joy once they are in the finals, causing play disorders, offending low-level mistakes and passing by chickens.

In order to help players reduce psychological pressure and make the player closer to eating chicken, this article has brought you some finals. Circle tricks allow players to be flexible in the finals and survive to the end.

[Storage of materials]

Once the player enters the finals, firearms and accessories are not very important. At this time, players usually have the best firearms they can use. The only concern is the number of bullets.

In order to enter the finals, many players continue to shoot the enemy with guns or firepower to suppress the enemy’s strategy. The bullets will use very little. When they enter the finals, because the security scope is extremely small, players cannot freely go to the bag. “So, when the player collects supplies, the bullet must be picked up adequately, and during the exchange of fire, do not waste bullets.”

In addition to bullets, drugs are also extremely important to the player. When the finals are about to be reduced or players are prepared to fight with the enemy, they must first quote all the painkillers and energy drinks so that they can extend their survival time. Once the player is beaten into a residual state by the enemy in the finals, Do not lick your own medical kit and first aid kit. Therefore, the number of drugs in the finals is likely to determine the level of your game.

Another practical weapon in the final round is throwing things. Fragmented grenades allow players to successfully eat chicken without killing one bullet. Once the player finds the position of the enemy, many grenades are thrown out to let the enemy experience the feeling of the bombing zone. The use of smoke bombs is very useful. In the final round, it is usually used to block the enemy’s vision and facilitate their escape.

[Search for shelter]

If the finals are in the wild, players try to find stones and trees as a cover. If there are few bunkers around, the player can also cover the car. The use of scrapped cars as a cover is still very practical. If the car does not explode, when the player and the enemy exchange fire, once the car smokes, the player must quickly retreat back to avoid being injured.

The final round is in the town, where the player prefers the house as a cover. Because the house can protect the safety of players on all sides, its practicality is very strong. If the player rushes to the finals and ensures that no one is behind him, he can also use the fence as a cover, but he must be squawked to avoid being enemies’ headshot.

[Selection of Enemies]

Players are likely to observe many enemies at one time in the finals area, but players do not know which enemy to kill first.

The more the game is over At the time, the greater the number of airdrops, the higher the quality of airdrops. If other players pick up the airdrop, their equipment must be very fierce, first to kill airdrops.English is the common responsibility of ordinary players. So how to distinguish whether the player is an airdrop elite?

Once the player loves to find the enemy who wears Geely clothing, he must find it. Kill, because Geely served a great role in the late, it is likely to become a stumbling block on your way to eat chicken. In addition to hearing the voices of AWM and M24, players must move cautiously. Once a sniper is found, players can consider killing them first because as long as the sniper takes notice of you, then the actions you take will become extremely difficult.

Players must be flexible in the finals to grasp the rhythm of the game and must make decisive decisions. Do not hesitate. And missed the opportunity to eat chicken.

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