PUBG Mobile guide Playful Mode Play, Farewell to Chicken, Start from Me

After “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” was updated in this major version, the new entertainment model was very popular with players. However, many chicken players become chicks after entering the game. What is the reason? ?

In fact, the reason is very simple. The fast-paced play mode of the entertainment mode is very novel and is currently the favorite mode for most players. However, the player is not clear about the rules of the entertainment mode, but also uses the traditional old routine to deal with this & ldquo; Newborn ”, of course, is not working. Next, we will explain to you the different modes of play.

The entertainment modes are divided into 6 types of gameplay. They are the fully armed mode, the fast battlefield mode, the pistol match mode, the wild character fighting mode, the Jedi attack mode and the scattered mode. Firepower mode.

Fully armed mode: This mode is very similar to the normal mode. Not only will all items and firearms be refreshed, but there will also be airdrops. The difference is that the materials in the fully armed mode house are refreshed. The rate is extremely high, so if the player grabs an airdrop in this mode, then you already have the initiative on the battlefield.

Speed ​​Battlefield Mode: Compared to the fully armed mode, this mode has no airdrop items, so the player only needs to find the best one for himself. Outside the firearms and armor, it was “a fat ” It is suggested that the player carry a rifle in this mode, because the rifle has a strong comprehensive ability and is relatively easy to adapt to long-distance operations.

Pistol Match Mode: In this mode, only four kinds of pistols and their corresponding bullet accessories will appear. However, in addition to the pistols, they can inflict high damage on enemies. The melee weapons are also Good choice.

Wild character fighting mode: This mode is very interesting, the game director to refresh the machete, sickle, crowbar and pan. Players need to pay attention to this mode of the pan is no longer an artifact, the highest cost-effective should belong to a machete, and high damage will let you chase other players to run around. In addition, there is a throwing weapon in this mode, so when the player picks up an item, he must take more fragmented grenades.

Jedi Attack Pattern: As the name suggests, this pattern is the sniper’s battlefield. Only four sniper rifles will be refreshed in the game. In this mode, if you are a blasphemy, then these sniper rifles must be your best mate. If you are not good at sniper rifles, try one of them. Brush out the pistol, and hit the face with a pistol.

Shot fire mode: Since game mode will only refresh Shooting guns, so good at melee players, in this mode can be described as invincible. If the player shotgun technology is poor, it is recommended that the player try to ambush the enemy in the house and do not deliberately shoot the enemy.

In summary, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the entertainment model! Finally, the player is reminded that the entertainment mode is open every day with time limit .

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