PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] Understand the importance of accessories and make your marksmanship

In the PUBG Mobile: exciting battlefield game, firearms are important, but if you want to make the firearms more perfect, accessories are an integral part. Accessories are still very common in the game, but for many players, the specific role of the accessories they are not very understanding. This article mainly shows players the various uses of various accessories to make the player’s marksmanship more exquisite.


There are two types of grips They are the right-angle front grip and the vertical grip, which are suitable for automatic rifles, submachine guns, and sniper rifles.

The right-angle front grip mainly increases the stability of the shooting, reduces the vertical and horizontal recoil, reduces the degree of judder when the muzzle is shot, and is more suitable for automatic rifles.

The vertical grip can greatly increase the stability of the automatic rifle, greatly reducing the vertical recoil, and keeping the player’s stability when shooting. For the rifle, the vertical grip is equivalent to The existence of artifacts.


Most of muzzle accessories are compensated Devices, flame arresters and silencers, and shotgun beamers.

The compensator mainly reduces the horizontal and vertical recoil force. If the player shoots at close range, the influence of recoil is still very large.

The flame arrester can conceal the fire of the firearm when shooting. The flame arrester not only brings visual effects, but also can reduce the recoil force, and is a more practical muzzle fitting.

The muffler, as the name implies, allows the player to have no sound while shooting and can hide his position. Like ambush players, silencer is your necessary muzzle accessories.

The shotgun beam catcher is mainly used for shotguns. It can narrow the bullet distribution of the shotgun and make shotgun shots more accurate.


The clip is generally divided into expansion bullets. Clips, quick clips and quick expansion clips. Adapt guns for pistols, S12K, sniper rifles and automatic rifles. The bullet bags are suitable for shotguns and Kar98k, respectively, and the quiver is only suitable for crossbows.

Expansion magazines mainly increase the magazine capacity. Fast magazines speed up the speed of magazines. Rapid expansion of magazine clips can increase the bullet capacity and speed up the exchange of bullets. Speed ​​is the best clip.

The bullet bag mainly increases the speed of the bullet change.


The number of butts is very small. They are the Micro UZI, the M416, Vector and the sniper rifle.

The buttstock is only suitable for UZI submachine guns, it can make the UZI recoil faster and also reduce the UZI weapon’s shaking amplitude.

The tactical buttstock can be placed on the M416 and Vector. It also allows the recoil to recover faster and reduces the amplitude of the weapon’s swing. However, the use rate of the tactical butt stock is much greater than that of the gun. Care.

The scorpion board is mainly suitable for sniper rifles. It can reduce the sniper rifle’s recoil and sway, making the sniper more stable.

[Sighting Scope]

The sighting accessory of the weapon, the most common one is the red dot sighting. Mirror and hologram. The red dot sight is usually suitable for near field shots, while the holographic sight is suitable for near shots, both of which have their own characteristics. The double sight can usually be used as a telescope to observe the enemy, suitable for close shooting.

The usefulness of the quadruple sight is very good. It is mainly good at mid-range shooting, but close and long distances are also suitable. The sight of the quadruple sight is very high, and the quadruple sight is not very rare in the game.

As for the eight-fold mirror is only used for sniper rifles, although the rifle can be placed eight times the mirror, but the swing amplitude when shooting is too large, not suitable for ordinary players to try.

After learning about the accessories of the firearms, players no longer have to worry about the variety of weapons and accessories, and quickly pick up the phone and give your favorite guns a powerful set of accessories.

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