PUBG Mobile guide Different ways of steel guns, swept squares in entertainment mode

After “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” launched its entertainment model, players have invested in it. The random situation makes the game interesting, and the reduced map makes the players full of gunpowder. Except for the absence of firearms resources in the wild character fighting mode, in other modes, the enemy may fight from the beginning to the end until they gain victory or be defeated by the enemy. Everyone hopes to win, then how to fight with the enemy in order to successfully eat chicken? What are the skills? In different stages of the game, players and enemies in different ways.

I. Pre-game

All players will land quickly after landing Sweep the rooms. Most of the players have firearms resources, they will take the initiative to find the enemy, and fight. Such an approach is not sensible and carries a greater risk. If you are not careful, you will die. In order to successfully transition to the later stages of the game, players must learn to protect themselves. Find a place where there is a lot of cover and hide temporarily. Even if there are dense gunshots or traces of an enemy, do not launch an attack. This may expose your position and make the enemy vigilant while also Faced with unknown dangers. Although not firing, it does not mean that the player does nothing. At this time, the player needs to carefully observe and master as many opponents as possible and the players who are eliminated.

After the gunshots no longer sound so frequently, there may be enemies who pick up the equipment of the players who have eliminated the players. Then the player quietly follows them and gives Its fatal blow. If there are no enemies to do so, the player advances to the location of the previously recorded enemy, guards the enemy, and kills them when they are transferred.

II. Mid-game

Number of enemies in the game In the middle period, there has been a significant decrease. At this time, the player should approach the safe area while observing whether there are enemies running around. If you encounter with the enemy, you must make reasonable use of smoke bombs, blasting bombs and other items. Naturally, the blast bomb is thrown at the enemy, and the smoke bomb is different. It can be placed under its own feet and confuse the enemy. The player took the opportunity to withdraw from the smoke, approached the enemy from the left or right detour, and launched a fierce attack on the enemy. You can also throw it at the enemy and kill it when the enemy is confused. This method of gun shooting is particularly suitable for Jedi slamming mode, which is time-tested.

3. Late game

Wait until the end of the game, and there are many safe areas. Shrinking, when the player acts at will, it is very likely that the enemy will hear footsteps and the enemy will seize the opportunity. As a result, the player is caught in a passive state, and is hauled by the enemy at every possible move, and may be killed at any time. Therefore, in the later stages of the game, the player must give priority to ensuring that the donuts do not threaten themselves. When entering the safe area, they must also rely on terrain advantages. Then they wait for the enemy to run into the safe area to launch an attack and win the game.

In the early stage of the game, the club learns to take a proactive and temporary attack. The game is good at props in the middle of the game. This way of shooting is consistent with the fast-paced entertainment mode. In such a battle, players can easily eliminate enemies, stabilize chickens, and swam around in entertainment mode. Of course, in the actual operation process, players can adjust according to their own habits and optimize the action plan for each period. However, this requires the player to practice repeatedly in the entertainment mode. Do not be discouraged by the moment of failure.

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