PUBG Mobile guide Final Round – School District Card Point Teaching

PUBG Mobile stimulates the battlefield. The school area can be said to be a favourite spot for steel gun players. The feature is that the building is large enough and the materials are enough. Although there are many interior partitions in the building, compared with P City and airports, the buildings are more regular and the search is faster and faster, and there is rarely an embarrassing situation in which searches are repeatedly searched due to lack of sense of direction. When the final round is brushed in this area of ​​the school, what do we need to pay attention to? Here we will make a detailed analysis for everyone.

The school district is divided into two sections: the school and the apartment. The two sections are separated by a road. In terms of style of play, the two regions also have their own characteristics.


Schools and pools are surrounded by special features. The north is near R City and the south It is an empty mountain and on the east is an apartment block belonging to the school area. About the card points are recommended in the following locations.


Suggested Card Points, “Concave” Corner Entrance The second floor corner, as shown below.

The reason why this point is chosen is because the corner has the advantage of visual field and one can see the school. The gates and the mountains on the south, and most of the buildings in the school building can be seen from afar. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the movement of the enemy in the direction of the pool, and you can feel that your enemy needs to pass through the corner of the second floor and only need to hold the corner area. . It can greatly avoid the situation of adversity.


The roof of the school has better visibility than the interior of the house, but the disadvantages are extremely obvious. , Bunker is less flawed. The individual once knocked off the top of the school’s enemies in the pool house in the finals. In addition, the roof more test the players to judge and take the form of position. Therefore, during the finals, if it can be guaranteed that there is only one direction of the enemy, you can choose the roof. The building can be used as a cover according to different directions. Otherwise, it is better to give up.

2. Swimming pools

Swimming pools should be safer High-rise buildings are simpler in structure than schools, and have a clear view of the interior of the pool. You can notice most of the area except the direction of the apartment, and there are few external bunkers, and the nearby enemies can be seen at a glance. But need to pay attention to the enemy of the school, otherwise it is easy to be touched by the opponent’s ass. In addition, the small room on the second floor of the swimming pool can also suppress the enemies in the school area, but it is necessary to pay attention to the enemy’s grenades, choose the location close to the exit as much as possible, avoid evacuation is not timely, to eat grenades. The swimming pool is quite large in the finals. How to get stuck requires attention to the position of the poisonous ring and the location of the enemy.


There are seven buildings and six buildings in the apartment area Three-story house, a double-storey house. The final round will need attention when selecting house cards.

1. The first three floors to the south right are preferred. The following diagram

The reason why this building card point was chosen is that the topography of the building is the highest in the apartment area. When the roof station is in a proper position, the enemies of all the other houses will not see you even if they are standing on the roof, but you can have a panoramic view of all the houses on the roof. In the game, we must know that the visual field advantage is the most important thing. During the period, you need to pay attention to the enemies in the South Mountain. If you do not ensure the safety in the mountains behind you, you are likely to be hit by opponents on the roof. Of course you can choose to be safer on the third floor, but you need to sacrifice your horizons.

2. Never choose a small two-story house in the north. As shown below

The two-story building is rather ambiguous. Although there is a second floor, the view is obviously worse than the three-storey apartment. And choosing this area is very easy to be attacked by other enemies, even if the opponent does not attack, because the compartment is small, the enemy will easily throw two grenade estimates will be very uncomfortable.

The above is the best card point area in the school area. More circumstances still need to be determined based on the location of the poison ring brush. Random adaptation is the hard truth !

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