PUBG Mobile guide M16A4 gives you a further shot from your dream

Rifles are loved in the game, regardless of their range, speed, or power, especially in the case of full match. It is a deadly weapon that kills people invisible. Among them, M16A4 is the most common. It is a star in firearms and a fighter in weapons!


As a geeky automatic rifle, M16A4 is also in the game. This should be said in the light of the fact that M16A4 was the standard equipment for the frontline US Army and the US Navy Seal Commando, using 30 hair 5.56 mm caliber bullets. Filled and equipped with three shots, the stable shooting mode and power reflects its strong firepower.


Although M16A4 with full-backup support is very much in the eyes of many players, “cow” can adapt to each Sudden situation. However, for the novice, the unique three-shot mode is more difficult to grasp, and often forgets that it is not fully automatic, so there is a certain delay in responding to re-launch, and often in the finals, such a short delay may be able to Let you make a box in one second. Therefore, if you want to maximize the role of M16A4 , you also need regular practice. Mastering the skills is the most important. In addition, the old drivers are allowed to fly. As for new players, is still trying to find an opponent in a complex environment. After all, the radar can only tell you the approximate direction of the enemy. If you want to fight back, you must first know where the opponent is!

Let’s share the gun skill of M16A4 ! First of all, popular science is exactly what a gun is. The gun is just as its name implies. “The gun is lowered.” When using a firearm in a game, by controlling the trajectory, the bullet will be hit on a target as much as possible. Some players will appear as such. Situation: Obviously, the quasi-heart is aimed at the enemy, but many shots are fired but not hit. This is the recoil of the gun. Recoil can change the trajectory, and it will launch the bullet upward. At this time, it is a gun.

When using M16A4 , if firing, learn to aim the gun at the enemy’s head every time the gun is fired. shooting. If you want to switch three burst mode, you can press the gun from the head, shoulders, stomach and legs of the target in the launch process. If you want to try, you can log in to the game and practice the gun against the wall in the game. With a gun, you can make your newcomer old, stupid, like an old driver like me!


In addition to this, M16A4 can also improve accuracy with some accessories, such as 4 magnification mirrors or 8 magnification mirrors, these two magnifications are highly adaptable and can be equipped with a compensator or flame arrester on the muzzle. If a muffler is the best, it can To “” killing invisibly, get out of the blade “” effect.

In summary, the performance of M16A4 is relatively stable , The choice of firearms Liushenwuzhu players, you can try this rifle in the panacea!

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