PUBG Mobile guide’s Sense of Running Circle Analysis

The poison circle is a setting for PUBG Mobile to stimulate the battlefield to restore the game. Enemies who are outside the blue circle will continue to receive ongoing DOT damage. At the same time, the damage of the poisonous circles at different time periods is not the same. For the first two circles, as long as one or two basic medicines for painkillers can be used for safer travel in the poisonous circle, the blood loss is slower and the injury is lower. But when it came to the third and even the final round, the poisonous circle basically couldn’t bear the damage. Players inside the poison circle will receive a large amount of damage every second. Therefore, in the middle and late stages, enter the poisonous circle as early as possible to prevent death from running poison. Here we talk about the experience of running poison in different periods.

Initial (circle of first and second)

At the beginning of the jump, many friends will choose the edge area of ​​the map. The first is because some areas are rich in resources. Friends who like shooting hard steel like hard steel will choose maps such as military bases and more advanced safety materials. The other is to focus on 苟 , 专注, focus on & ldquo; playing wild & rdquo; development friends will choose small areas of small resources. Both of these tend to experience a greater probability of being outside the circle of poison. If the player who chooses the senior material zone can come out alive, there is no need to worry about the problem of poisoning himself. Because, after all, the advanced materials area came out, the body’s medicine can be said to be completely sufficient to support the safe area, not to mention find the car. Although players in the low-grade material zone also have enough drugs, they also need to leave for safe areas as soon as possible. Because you can’t use this medicine because the first two toxins are depleted, and then you can’t cry because the guns have no medicine to cry. Rich areas players can hard eat the first two Poison, small resources area is best to evacuate as soon as possible, do not lust for a small area not found, can not eat poison, do not eat poison, unless there are many drugs, or when the time lost due to small loss It was late.

Mid-late (third circle)

There is no question of drug consumption in the middle and late players, and players who choose to fight will get more drugs because they kill their opponents. Relatively speaking, the former still belongs to the ranks of less drugs, because the third circle is a relatively painful circle. If you are too far away from the target area (Chassis) and you do not have a vehicle, the first task is to find a vehicle and run as close to the road as possible. If there is no car, the road alone will basically be poisonous and die. Because your drug supply can’t keep up, and you run a few pieces of blood on the leftovers, you must be dying. If you are the latter, you can try to delay for a while if you have a vehicle. Without a vehicle, you need to fill up the painkiller, search for the vehicle along the way, and enter the safe area before you open the brush on the fourth lap. Otherwise it will appear cool.

Late (fourth and later)

The fourth circle and even the last are all extremely narrow circles. This period of time is not as good as if there was no direct exchange of fire, but basically it will depend on the luck of the subsequent brush circle. With good luck, the heavenly ring is completely useless, and bad luck (Day Scourge) requires early running. Because starting from the fourth circle, it is OK to fight drugs within the poisonous circle, but basically it is impossible to move. Because if you break the drug, the next medicine is your blood loss rate at the root. Therefore, the best way is to not eat poison after this. There is often the player who can kill the chicken in the last horrible circle, because the opponent is in the hoop.

In combination with the above, Buddha gamers can choose to fight against the first two poisons and to minimize the encounter of enemies outside the poisonous circle. Risk, choose a route away from the house area and go to a safe area. The player who enters first can get a good spot in advance and attack the poisoned enemy in the safe area.

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