PUBG Mobile guide Analysis of four rows of ideas

PUBG Mobile stimulates battlefield fun 好 ! ! 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 那 的确 的确 的确 的确Not only can you get more in the game, but you can also contact friends and communicate with friends “” feelings “”. Of course, four people playing together can’t be as casual as a single person. Here’s just to talk to you about some tips and precautions in the four rows.

Establishing Leadership Command

Why Establish a Command with Leadership? First of all, the team is composed of four people. It is necessary to determine the specific point of departure. This is something we often encounter in a single row. Two people jump at the airport and two jump at the school. What’s more, four people have one point at a time. How do you beat this? As long as you are knocked down by your opponent, you basically announce the end of the game and teammates cannot support it. Want to score? Does not exist! Especially when it comes to the adversary, the four are even more uncomfortable. First of all, we must work together to establish a foothold. Everyone jumps together. Even if they are attacked, they can help each other. To know in the game 1+1+1+1<4.

At the same time, it is necessary to establish a different division of teammates if there are at least two players in the team. Whoever assaults, who slams in the distance, and who flees from the flanks, everything needs to make quick judgments when fighting the enemy. If no one directed it, it would be like a sandstorm.

A good shooter can use his opponent to suppress opponents, and a teammate who takes a position can grab the line and approach the enemy. There is also how to allocate equipment, such as some people, no sniper rifles, or gunshot rotten but must insist on holding eight times without giving teammates. And there are crickets, good shooting teammates only red dot. This is the case of a typical trailing leg.

Let’s also say how to fight the enemy. First find the target, but the enemy did not find you, or whether to open the gun This exposure will have an impact on the team as a whole. Everything needs to be based on having a team leader. Otherwise, there will be chaos.

There are tactics

Take the bridge for example. If one’s own side is the enemy of a military base that is blocking a bridge, how do you play ? There are not many bunkers on the bridge. Four people rushed past, or are hiding in a bunker waiting! What should I do if I have been poisoned? What to do if you don’t have a high power microscope? It’s basically meaningless to know that changing blood in exchange with your opponent is futile. Even if you knock down one or two enemies, others can help. When you rush out, you will need to eat bullets again. At this time, you can choose whether or not to see if there are ships on both sides of the river. Assign one or two teammates to choose to sail across the river and disperse enemy firepower. The most taboo in this game is the enemies, and when the teammates across the river begin to harass the enemy at the rear, the teammates on the bridge can almost suppress the charge.

Another example is the blocking of the bridge. When the enemy vehicle appears in the field of view, it must be shot first, or wait for the opponent to further Shoot first and the opponent will stop immediately, confronting the bridge with a bridge cover. At this point, you can choose to hide first. When your opponent walks past the nearest bunker in the middle of the bridge, teammates fire together. Sudden attack, the opponent will basically be hard to avoid. The car could not turn around 360 degrees, and there was no bunker next to it. Can only sit still. Using tactics, four-man vehicle explosion is also a matter of minutes.

The above are just some of the techniques. The main emphasis is on teamwork. A team with skilled, offensive and defensive team is also a nailed thing, you players think you ?

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