PUBG Mobile guide Meet your curiosity! Desert Map Prison Point Building and Route Introduction

In “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield”, I believe many players are curious about some points. Because of the limitation of the opening time, we cannot drop the plane when it appears on the map. As a result, few players arrive at remote locations on the edge of the map, such as military bases and prisons. As players’ birthplaces, I believe that everyone’s curiosity about prisons must not be weaker than that of military bases. So today we have brought us an analysis of the route of the prisons in the desert map and an analysis of the abundance of resources. I hope to be helpful.

Regional location

The prison is located on the southwest side of the desert map. On the island, it is a veritable, remote point. Close to the southern mine, the east can reach the fig town directly via the highway. The northern bridge passes directly over the coastal town.

Point Analysis

The remote location is the biggest disadvantage of the prison area and its greatest advantage. The disadvantage is that because the terrain is too remote, the general route is difficult to reach, and the difficulty in running poison is high. The brushing position in the nearby area is far from the distance. If the safety zone is too far, it is very easy to cause the situation of anti-toxic running. The advantages are also due to the remote terrain and the generally low probability of encountering enemies. The entire region is not only rich in materials but also relatively concentrated, and does not say that single row, the team that supports four people is more than !

Architectural Composition and Regional Division

There are few prison buildings, but the main building is very large, mainly consisting of large police stations and huge warehouses. The entire prison area has a small spread area and the search method is relatively convenient. The following divisions are made according to the architecture.

1. The north part of the prison area is divided into No. 1 area, where there are few buildings, except for the existence of a large warehouse. Outside open areas may have resources drawn out. The overall resources are small and the resource level is medium.

2. The entire prison is divided into the second area. There are three large buildings in the area, and the large building police station and its two large warehouses on the east side constitute the prison’s most abundant material area. The overall amount of resources is large and the resource level is extremely high.

3. The lower part of the prison is divided into the third area. There are few buildings in the area, and the right one is a small machine room building and has some open-air materials. The overall resources are small and the resource level is medium.

4. There are four last In the area, there is only a single-story warehouse in the area, which is relatively independent and is separated from the prison building area by a road. The amount of resources is small and the resource level is general.

Search Route Suggestions

Let’s assume that there are enemies who choose to land at the same time. The recommended route is as follows:

First, select the police station in District No. 2 to settle. Because the police station is a large building, and it is a double-storey building, it can be built on both sides of the east-west direction and can even go directly to the third floor. Then under the premise of an enemy, we can go straight to the top of the police station and get external movement through the window. In addition, the internal structure of the police station is complex. If you can maintain a good attitude, even if you meet with your opponent in the interior, you can easily stick to it.

We can then proceed directly to the Building 3 area. The final material search was finally taken directly from the warehouse at No. 4 location. The location of the regional warehouse 1 is a little bit farther, and it is usually searched only when the time is sufficient. However, in most cases, the prison is located outside the safe area. Therefore, in order to waste unnecessary drugs, the search for basic areas 2, 3, and 4 can be prepared for evacuation.

Directions for Evacuation It is recommended to take the southern highway to the east and avoid the northern link. The bridge of the town. Because of the great chance of meeting other players.

The prison area belongs to a relatively short area. Under normal circumstances, the player who chooses this end-result can easily eat “Full of pots and pans”, but it is also necessary to pay attention to a reasonable timing for retreat. Otherwise, there is a great chance of being trapped in a safe area because they cannot find a car.

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