PUBG Mobile guide No sighting device can also play! Analysis of Desert Win94 Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle has always been a “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield,” a long-range tactical weapon, because the traditional sniper rifle has a long range and can be installed high-powered mirror, so the target can be caused by a small Press effect. However, when faced with a closer target, the sniper rifle operation cannot be used as a practical effect because of the limitations of the magnification lens. Today, what we are talking about is the exclusive sniper rifle of the desert map in the game Win94. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this sniper rifle compared to the popular sniper rifle? Let’s take a look together.

Firearms Background

The Win94 prototype was a US-made Winchester M1894 lever rifle, which was used by the United States in 1894 as a generation of light weapons shooting specialists. “Browning & rdquo; design. It is a smokeless gun firearm that was designed to be hunted in the history of the United States. In modern times and even modern times, they were all regarded as “spiritual signs” by American archers, and production stopped until 2006.

Analysis of Firearms

Win94 has a slightly higher chance of winning than 98K, but it uses bullets different from mainstream rifles. Can install fewer accessories, only gunstock position.

Gunstock Support: Bullets Bag

Bullet Model: 0.45mm

Clip capacity: Eight hairs

Singles Hair damage: 66

Shooting mode: single shot

The biggest difference between the Win94 sniper rifle and the traditional sniper rifle is that it cannot be equipped with a double lens because it can only be used with its own camera, so the actual effective distance is not very impressive. In most cases, it is more suitable for medium-range and short-range weapons. The single shot damage is not much superior to other sniper rifles, but it is faster than the firing rate. As a single-shot sniper rifle, the Win94 bullet also has a dominant single-shot sniper rifle. Although it is impossible to install sights, the bullet range of Win94 is not much different from that of 98K.

Win94’s shooting speed is one of its advantages. After testing, 98K shots were once enough for Win94 to shoot two shots in a row. In terms of damage, the difference between WIN94 and 98K is less than 6 points. So under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of shooting, the threat of Win94 is not weaker than 98K.

The second is stability, and Win94 divides the firing rate. Faster, followed by excellent stability. We all know that after the high-powered single-shot sniper rifle is fired, the gun has a large jump, and it usually takes time to adjust the gun and sight. The Win94 backseat is extremely small and can easily reduce the amount of time it takes to burn a lot of secondary shots during the firing process.

The best combat radius of

Win94 is within 100 meters. Because after over a hundred meters, the goal presented under the camera is very small, it is more difficult to hit the target without using the sighting device. The role of Win94 within 100 meters can easily exceed 98K.

Reasonable use Speed ​​advantage and damage advantage. Under normal circumstances, the target Win94 with secondary helmets and above cannot achieve a single shot, but it can use its impressive fire speed for continuous shooting. The phrase “Gengnengjinrong” is just a matter of real understanding of the gun, taking advantage of its advantages in all aspects, facing the short-to-medium-range goal, not to mention a shot, but the threat is certainly not weaker than the mainstream single Sniper rifle.

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