PUBG Mobile guide How to start the entertainment mode? Teach you “The Buddha eats chicken”

Recently “PUBG Mobile: Exciting Battleground” Opened New Entertainment Mode Played , Among them, there are six random occurrences of , which increase the game’s mystery and playability and allow players to have a better game experience. These patterns have a common feature: The safe area is smaller, and the number is less . Among them, only the number of resources in the fully armed mode doubles, the difficulty of picking up is relatively small, and the remaining five modes have relatively few resources. After the start, players may face a situation in which they do not pick up gun arms. So what should be done by players with bare hands?

In this case, the player can choose & ldquo; Buddha to eat chicken & rdquo; Avoid every enemy and successfully eat chicken by running poison. “The Buddha of the Buddha family” is relatively difficult, and this style of play is more of a test for the players. When you finally have only one player and one enemy, you need to rely on the donuts to win.

If the player randomly enters the mode of the pistol fire mode or the pistol match mode, it should be understood that whether it is a shotgun or a pistol, it requires Only work at close range. The safe area will shrink smaller and the distance between the player and the enemy will get closer and closer. In this case, if you want to kill a person and go to victory, there is actually a lot of difficulty, but it is not impossible. As long as there are two or more players remaining on the map, the safety zone will continue to shrink. In this case, the player can use a trick to pick up a thrower and throw it towards the edge of the hoop when the safety zone is about to shrink. After the trigger triggers the effect, it will make a corresponding sound, which can attract the enemy’s attention and scare the enemy and make him afraid to take action. Some enemies are bold enough to move forward toward the place where there is sound. The intention is to rely on a spear to gain victory. This is exactly the trap. The player took the opportunity to run into the safe area and there was a great chance of success in eating chicken.

If the player’s random matching pattern is an extremely fast battlefield mode, “the Buddha is eating chicken” The difficulty is greater than the previous two modes. In addition to avoiding bullets, the player must have some good luck. You can get the favor of Heaven’s Life Circle. Players must always look for obstacles to cover, prevent the enemy from finding themselves, and keep approaching the safe area to ensure that they will not be harmed by the poisonous circle.

Compared with the first three random patterns, the Jedi sniper mode and wild character mode are easier to & ldquo; Chicken ”. For its method of “dharma chicken”, we come to understand one by one. In the Jedi sniper mode, the disadvantage of the sniper rifle is obvious, and it is difficult to kill the enemy during close combat. In the later stages of the game, the player will not take a straight line so as not to give the enemy an opportunity to be attacked. Even if you see the enemy do not panic, adjust the state of mind, calmly take the position, do not let the enemy gun sight aim at themselves, with the enemy in the end, “The Buddha is eating chicken” is worth mentioning. In the wild character fighting mode, only the melee weapons, no bullet interference, the players “Dharma chicken” the possibility of greatly improved. Always keep yourself in a running state. After encountering an enemy, throw it off in a circle. If the enemy is in hot pursuit, after running for a straight-line distance, turn suddenly and repeatedly, while entering the safe area. , get rid of the enemy’s chase. Of course, under appropriate circumstances, you can also go back and give the enemy a punch and increase the success rate of your own chicken.

In entertainment mode, “Dharma eats chicken” is more challenging than winning with a spear. It is also more interesting, but it requires the player to try more, master the essence of the position, and increase the experience of avoiding the enemy. This will also increase the player’s skill level, making it easier to play classic mode in the future .

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