PUBG Mobile guide teaches you skydiving skills and flies to rich resources

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield”, the parachuting skill can be said to be a step that all players must master. Most players will choose some resource points closer to the aircraft route when marking the target point. There are two reasons. First, many players want to land early, giving priority to other people snatch resources . Second, many players feel that it is more difficult to fly at distant resource points. In some cases, the resource points along the route of the aircraft do not meet the standards of the players’ hearts, or resources are poor and there is no way to satisfy themselves; either the personnel are intensive and it is not conducive to early development. In this case, it is a good idea for players to consider resource points that are far away. So how can you easily fly to distant target points?

After players jump off the plane, it is inevitable that they will always be landing due to the influence of gravity. However, players can use some techniques to make themselves slide further. The reason why many players cannot jump far away is mainly due to the angle and the timing of the opening of the umbrella. Only the right angle allows the player to fly farther. The proper time to open the umbrella allows the player to float to the target point. Both of these conditions are indispensable.

First, adjust appropriate Angles

Successful skydiving allows the player to win at the starting line and establish a greater advantage from the start of the game. First of all, the player wants to open the map to observe and select the target point he wants to go. After waiting for the flight route and the line marked with the target point to be vertical, the player jumps from the plane, so what angle can make the taxiing distance reach the maximum? ? If the player’s body falls almost perpendicular to the ground, its speed is the fastest , but such a taxi distance is also the shortest. Therefore, if the player wants to keep the taxi time longer and the taxi distance is longer, he must sacrifice the speed of decline. When landing, the player should adjust the angle upwards so that the entire body is parallel to the ground and slightly sideways. Afterwards, it will continue to slide forward. In this way, the player’s descent speed will reach the minimum value, the time spent in the air will increase more than the vertical drop, and the distance from the target point will become shorter and shorter. However, if the target point selected by the player is more than 2,000 meters away from the aircraft route, the angle alone is not enough to reach the target point. At this time, it is necessary to grasp another technique of skydiving.

II. Time to open the

Players do not need to wait for the parachute to automatically open during skydiving. Open an umbrella. If there is a long distance between the player and the target before opening the parachute. At this time, the player will open the parachute and swing slowly to the destination. The player swings forward and backwards, like a swing, approaching the goal point gradually. In this process, the angle can’t be ignored, and the player still has to keep parallel with the ground. Although this type of landing is slower, it can increase the air time and taxi distance. If the player has to move patiently forward and fall to a rich resource area, the picked up equipment resources will make the player laugh.

After grasping the above basics of skydiving, you can The player’s skydiving distance is greatly increased, and it easily floats to his target area. So if you want to seize the initiative, you may wish to start with a parachute !

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