PUBG Mobile guide must-see advanced skills, three-finger operation full-step analysis

As more and more small partners around us join the exciting battlefield, more and more friends have encountered such problems:

“Oh, obviously I discovered him first, but he was counter-killed.” “It’s a pity. It’s second place.” It’s just right for the gun.””Unfortunately, if you can beat the chicken, you can eat chicken”

If the player has the emotion above, it proves that he has encountered the bottleneck of this game. “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” is a mobile game that differs from the PC version in that it is so easy to navigate with the mouse. The operation on the mobile phone largely determines whether you can eat chicken. So how do you improve your own marksmanship?

The first step is to fine-tune the game operation interface. , This is what we see is the game’s original operation interface

Here we can analyze the reasons why your marksmanship is not good. The left-hand movement key is very close to the shooting key. Near, but the right side of the shooting key is very close to the area where you usually adjust the viewing angle, a little inattentive will “fire” to expose his position.

Immediately after we watched, the right hand could not adjust the quasi-heart Position, and once we start to adjust the position of the quasi-heart, the left-hand side of the firing key that is very close to the movement key cannot be pressed, so that ordinary people can not hit the target of the movement according to this setting.

So the first thing we have to do is modify the default key position of the game. Let him become more in line with our mode of operation.

Compared with the original interface we made the following modifications:

1. Minimize the firing button on the right side and turn it to transparent. This will prevent your misoperation from triggering the enemy, exposing your position, and Did not move its position, because when you are in the adaptation period will still unconsciously click this shot button, be considered to give yourself a transition period, as far as possible consciously do not use this button

2. Zoom in on the left side of the firing button to the maximum and place it on the top left corner of the “Stimulus battlefield” heading. The position (can be adjusted according to the size of the palm and the size of the phone), with the index finger of your left hand can be very According to the principle of pine.

3. Place the side button on the left and right of the arrow keys Side, convenient to shoot in the lane when the probe

4. Enlarge the size of the arrow key to prevent it from reaching the point of panic. The arrow keys, missed the opportunity to kill

5. Appropriately enlarge the opening key, open the mirror is a very important operation in the middle distance operation, as soon as one second to open the mirror to eat chicken more chance

6. It is not critical to enlarge the change button properly. This is because the frequency of use of this key is relatively high. If you feel uncomfortable, you can stop it. >

7. The jump key is magnified appropriately, just like the change key , But I personally like snakeskin to take a place, sometimes not by jumping button may be a snake died, vary from person to person

After setting up, I would like to say, Congratulations, you have opened the door to the new world.

This setting is known as the

“three-finger operation method” in the hands of a master. As the name implies, it is a game using three fingers, so that you can make tactical actions compared to the traditional two-finger operation. Far higher than the former, such as moving a gun, this relatively high-level skill is based on the “three-finger operation method.”

The following figure shows the result of the target being shot while moving

The above is about three-finger operation Some of the hardware conditions, I hope you all can be more courageous in the battlefield to stimulate the battle

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