PUBG Mobile guide Utilizes throwing weapons, making it a foolproof entertainment model!

The entertainment model in the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” formally launched. In this model, because of the limited visual field, “Standing high and seeing far”. The law is no longer overly applicable. If we use the normal weather as it is, we will easily be eliminated. Therefore, we must make more use of the game mechanics brought about by the weather. Here we will talk about the skills of throwing weapons in the fog.

In addition to firearms, the use of throwing weapons is also a powerful tool for the war situation. In the normal mode, players who can use the throwing weapon can often do miracles that the general attack tactics can’t. Especially in the attacking building, guard building or finals, often a grenades can knock down multiple opponents, and one smog can safely pick up the teammate who was knocked down. In the fog-day mode, the role of throwing weapons is even amplified to the extreme.

Fragmented grenades

Grenades are mainly used as foes for & ldquo;Voldemort ”, bunkers and room areas. Because of the weather and the limited horizons, the “spoken defenses” technique is particularly important. After encountering Fudi’s opponent, after facing the bunker, and even the enemy in the house, even if they cannot see the person, as long as we can confirm the general direction through the voice, we can directly use the grenades to attack the opponent. Grenades that range from damage are not included, and one will fall!

Shock Blast

Shock Blast Function Also Used as Target Bunker And the enemies in the house. After confirming the position of the opponent, if the opponent is behind a bunker such as a tree or a stone, it can throw a blast bomb beside the bunker. In the close combat, 10 seconds blinding effect plus loss of hearing, this time is enough for us Quickly approach and knock down opponents.

Smoke Bomb

The role of smoke bombs is even greater. The entertainment mode is more frequent in the running circle itself, and it is also the most vulnerable to attack by the opponent during the running circle. If you use smoke protection and fog weather, you have to see people not face the face, otherwise it is enough for your opponent to do & ldquo; In addition, in the case of a multiplayer team, the release of smoke to the knockout teammates can increase their viability, and other teammates can quickly approach the rescue with the help of smoke.

Burning flask

Although the burning flask does not have the grenades of the spike effect, the continuous damage effect is enough to cause the full blood opponent. In the foggy day mode, the number of players in the volleyball ground increases significantly. When the card is in a non-housing area, the general position of the enemy can be known, but in the absence of people, the combustion bottle can be thrown to use the continuous and extensive damage effects of the burning bottle. Forced opponents, of course, are equally used by enemies in the room.

In the fog day mode, our vision will receive greater restrictions, so we must make more use of “ Listening to the voice of the message brought by “defense” and then using throwing weapons to target complex situations can greatly increase their chances of winning.

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