PUBG Mobile guide Three-level terrain analysis, search and route recommendations in the old industrial area

The old industrial area is an intermediate resource point in the map of the desert. When it is different from other resource points, the terrain is large in this area. There are also many players who do not understand the overall structure of the area’s terrain. It does not matter, today we have brought the search route recommendations for the region based on the terrain of the old industrial area. After that, players can develop different ways of playing and marching according to the terrain.

Point Analysis


The old industrial area is located in the southwest direction of the desert map, not far from the edge of the small mine, located in the coastal town. There are no large-scale resource areas near the remaining directions. The old industrial area is interspersed with a highway in the north area, and the traffic is relatively convenient.

Regional Division

The terrain of the old industrial area is similar to that of the terraced basin we see in reality. The entire resource area spans multiple mountains at different levels. Therefore, according to different levels, we divide the old industrial area into three regions, so that the players can plan the search route.


Because of the highest terrain and the largest number of large buildings, we divided the large buildings in the southern highlands into the first area. Among them, the main building is large, with abundant materials and high resource levels. On the side of the southern slope, there are a number of small textile mills with high resource levels. In the middle of the area, there are green roof houses with a large area, and the resource levels are generally low. The advantage is that the terrain is high and the field of vision is good. It will not be easily found by enemies in other areas. However, the distance between buildings is far away, and the internal structure of some buildings is slightly complicated, so the search speed is slow.

2 areas

We divide the southwestern area of ​​the old industrial area into two areas. The area of ​​the area is second only to one area. Although the number of buildings is small, it is more concentrated. The main body consists of large empty warehouses and small textile mills. The field of vision is good and the materials are few, but the material level is higher and the search speed is faster.

3 Areas

We divided the residential areas on both sides of the highway in the old industrial area into three areas. The area is flat and densely populated. The building is different from the general residential areas. There are many large-scale residential buildings, such as a yellow double-storey office building. The amount of goods is relatively abundant and the resources are of medium grade.

Search Route Suggestions

When searching for materials in the old industrial area, we mainly guarantee the field of vision, so it is recommended to choose from the zone 1 or 2 Start with the area. It is recommended to have a textile factory in the northwest corner of the No. 1 area. Because the textile factory itself has a higher level of goods and can go upstairs and has a good view, under normal circumstances it can be easier to observe the enemies in the nearby No. 2 region. The first choice for the end result can be selected according to the surrounding situation.

You can enter the 2 area directly from the textile mill because the distance between the two is relatively short, and the area number 2 is small and concentrated. The search speed is fast. After the completion of the search, the area 1 is gradually advanced from west to east. At the same time, with the help of geographical advantages, we observed the movements of the 3 regions and finally proceeded from the east side of the 1 region to the 2nd region search.

This search route not only guarantees that you can obtain better materials and equipment in the early stages of landing, but it can also be effective. The observation of the entire area from the perspective to ensure their own security can also consider the follow-up tactical customization, killing two birds with one stone !

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