PUBG Mobile guide doesn’t make big heads, and the initial room attack and defense share

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield”, the room area is the only way for players to acquire materials and equipment at the initial stage. Therefore, whether we choose a large-scale resource, or choose a small resource to play wild, with other players. The experience is basically inevitable. At this point we need not only to quickly collect supplies, but also need to pay attention to enemy threats.

Resting Position

Whether you can take the initiative in the housing area or not, a good foothold is the primary factor. We need to pay attention to two points when setting up a large-scale resource.

First, the preferred edge area

Whatever resource point you choose, be sure to choose the edge of the area. What is the purpose ? The military taboos are more understandable than this. This is why when the laps are guarded, unless they can occupy the building, high-level players will generally choose the margins of the circle. The reason is the same.

Second, priority high-level Buildings

Which are the first buildings to choose from? ? The highest building is bound to keep you in perspective Obtain greater advantages. Secondly, high-rise buildings are also more expensive than low-rise buildings. In addition, there are many early enemies. Sometimes they are rushed to another building and attacked by opponents. The materials of high-rise buildings are generally enough for us to get the most enemy capital in a short period of time. It is safe and reliable.

Card position

When confronting enemies in adjacent areas, you need to pay attention to your own points.

First, the preferred high point.

Consistent with the idea of ​​a place to stay, the situation of the surrounding area is controlled by the visual field and the enemy moves. After that, it will be possible to formulate the route of travel and the enemy strategy more quickly. Even when the opponent does not find you, behind the black gun is not impossible.

Second, pay attention to construction structure.

The taste of grenades is believed to have been experienced by everyone. Especially in the warfare of the house, because the space inside the building is small, it is relatively closed. If the dodge is not timely, it is easy to be knocked down by the grenade thrown by the opponent. At this time, we must take the lead in understanding the structure of the house, the position of the compartment, and whether it can quickly shift its position and avoid grenades when the opponent sends out a suspected grenade.

Residual Response

The number of people in the entire housing area continues to decrease, but the degree of danger has not diminished, and the opponent seems to be even more powerful. How to deal with it? ?


First, beware of fishing enforcement !

On fishing law enforcement, I believe that many players have already suffered a lot of losses. Especially in a single row, it’s not too much. Sometimes you hear footsteps upstairs. At this time, you step into the room and suddenly see a medical box in front of you. You should never be too happy at this time. Because when you are happy, it is the opponent’s shot. Similarly, facing the ground box is the same reason. Do not ignore the potential enemies because you can’t resist the temptation. You die because you are carrying a box. I believe you have experienced this.

Second, step by step.

When the noise in the house area gradually becomes smaller, many players are no longer cautious. You may not be in the building next to you, and an enemy is staring at you in the direction of the window. To know that in the entire room area in the fight, the player can survive is not true & ldquo; steel ”, that is true “ oh & quoquo, the former is okay, you may be able to beat him . The latter, this is the calculation. Therefore, when the room area is ready to withdraw, the situation must be more careful to avoid tears when the bag is withdrawn.

In summary, in the housing area In the case of more enemies, one must first calm down and stop as far as possible. In this case, whoever gets the vision first, whoever preempts. At the same time, do not be tempted by the immediate interests of the (box), because you may have another player while staring at this interest.

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