PUBG Mobile guide Desert Most Resource Point, Military Base Search Route Analysis

Military base, I believe that everyone can see this name and associate it with a word. That is “Fat!” I believe that many players have experienced military bases on island maps. The nine died. In the desert map, there is also such a point with the same name, of course, not only the same name, its richness of resources is also unmatched by other points. Today we will bring you an analysis of the location of the military base in the desert map.


The military base is located in the northeastern corner of the desert map. Unlike the terrain where the main terrain of the desert is undulating, the entire area is flat. Belong to more unique terrain points. The western side is close to large-scale resource ignition plants, and the south is not far from Tibo.

Geographical advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages: Located on the edge of the map. It is basically impossible to reach a direct skydiver, and it is very necessary to support the route. Most of the situations need to rely on vehicles to arrive after they have landed, which takes more time. Nine or ninety-nine landings are not safe areas, so the lap time is tight and it is often easy to eat the first lap of damage.

Advantages: Located on the edge of the map, it is destined not to be the home of most players. And the resources are fertile and can be said to be the best in the desert. It is not enough to say that a single person can support four people. And senior materials get together, players generally go out from the area is basically not bad equipment.

Architectural Composition

The construction of military bases is relatively simple. There are basically no private houses. The main building consists of large warehouses and green barracks.

Main Building 1

To say that searches are quick and buildings with higher material levels are located, large warehouses are bound to be One of the best buildings. In military bases, large-scale warehouses are numerous and widely distributed. The approximate distribution is as follows:

Main Building 2

Of course, the number of military camps in military bases is the largest number of buildings. Military camp construction is simpleThe level of resources is not low, although a single building is small, but the victory is in a large number. In fact, players can only get relatively generous supplies by searching the camp. The approximate distribution is as follows:

Main Building 3

Large and complex multi-storey buildings. The most important point is the two major office buildings of the military base. One we became the police station, and one we called the office building. The fertility of this type of construction resources is the highest in the region. Not only are there a lot of supplies, but also advanced materials are emerging. However, the internal structure is relatively complex. It is relatively easy to lose direction when searching, and requires a lot of search time. The distribution is as follows:

Search Route Suggestions

Because military bases Remote, if the search time is too long, it is not only easy to eat the first wave of safety damage, the second wave of damage is also difficult to avoid. In this way, even if the amount of drug is sufficient, it is very easy to cause excessive effects because of the lap. Therefore, when we choose the route, we plan on a fast, non-repeating route, and we evacuate the main buildings after the search. The recommended way down is as follows.

Using No. 1 punctuation (police station) as a starting point, proceed northwards quickly and enter the office building. After completing the experience of a large warehouse like Dongdong, it was finally transferred to the barracks on the eastern side of the police station and finally completed the search for evacuation. .

The base of the military base is comparatively time-tested and character, good luck, and the route is closer Can quickly get on with the vehicle, then you can plan a certain route, so if you find the safety zone in the southern area of ​​the map when you land, this point is farther away, then it is recommended to quickly search for key buildings and then evacuated .

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