PUBG Mobile guide Speed ​​Battle Field Scourge Run Detail

Speed ​​field mode Initial safety zone diameter Minimal , and Velocity loop Faster players need not only to keep an eye on the movements of the enemy, but also to fight with the poisonous circle “ in the end. If the player is in the sacred circle, he will race against the god of death. If he is not careful, he will die. Therefore, in addition to mastery of superb gun technology, players should also develop skills in escape. Even if you are in the scope of heaven, you must control your destiny yourself. Running around Not rushing forward. We need to be realistic and make full use of terrain, walking and other techniques to keep the enemy from starting.

The arrival of the room area in the safe area

If the player goes to a safe area and there is a large area of ​​the room, stay at first. After a short period of time , carefully observe whether there are enemies in the room area and plan the way forward. When the circle is shortened, immediately accelerates forward and rushes into the nearest house. Players should not stay in this house for too long, and continue to approach the safe area while changing the house. At this time, do not rush out from the main entrance. The action of opening the door is too obvious and there is a loud noise that may expose itself. Players want to fly out of the house and take a limp way to other houses.

When the safety zone is compared In recent days, , can be used to select a highest point , and to go upstairs directly to the top floor . The highest point is not only suitable for players to look at the overall situation, but also the key point of escape. From the highest point, you can jump to any direction, , and it is not easy to receive the enemy’s attention . Unexpected practice will help players to seize the opportunity. Players do not have to worry about losing more blood from high places and using energy drinks or painkillers before jumping. A small amount of blood loss can be used for more safety . After filling the ground, he will be filled with blood, rush into the safe area and ambush the enemies who are still outside the circle.

II. Need to enter the safe area through the plain

If you enter a safe area from the Scourge, you need to pass through a large area of ​​plains, and the open space is not suitable to run direct . Even if it is a serpentine walk, it is difficult to resist the enemies that are like a tiger. At this point the player must be ready to throw enough weapons to use these throwing weapons to create a suitable escape environment.

First, the player should use the fragment grenades to attract the attention of the enemy. force. Afterwards, the smoke bombs were quickly thrown at the center of the plain, creating large pieces of smoke. With the help of smoke, the players approached the safe area. Before rushing into the smoke, the player must take down the firearm, hold a blast bomb, and throw it toward the enemy when it is about to rush out of the smoke range. The blast bomb will cause long vertigo time to the enemy. The timing is right, and the player quickly pulls the gun to kill the enemy ; otherwise, the player continues to run forward. And sometimes close to the grass disturbing the enemy until reaching the safe area.

In the speed battle mode, is especially In the high-resource mode, it is difficult to pick up medicines and throwing weapons. Using or techniques above can guarantee player’s safety at most times. In the process of escaping into the safe area, each time the player is injured, do not panic or inexplicably pause, change the displacement slightly, and continue to move forward. Even if the blood volume drops to a very low level, the player will have to rush into the safe area and then hide behind the shelter to replenish the blood volume.

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