PUBG Mobile guide Two minutes to understand the difference between first-person and third-person gameplay

The new version of “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” once again triggered the entire chicken-eater’s tour. The first-person model most concerned by players did not disappoint everyone. The new gameplay and shooting experience were new. The problem also came. After playing a few games, we will find that many of the actual combat skills in the previous third-person model are no longer applicable in the first-person model. Why? Here we will bring you a distinction between the two modes of play, so that all players have a better understanding of the first person mode.

Bunker effect

The importance of bunkers is well known. In a third person, hiding an enemy in a bunker attacking a coverless target is a breeze. For example, if we see the target after the bunker, the target cannot see us. Immediately after that, it is a quick side-shot, and it is almost impossible for the opponent to shoot. There is reaction time. In the first-person model, the situation is the opposite, because the range of perspective changes, our hiding behind the bunker will be blocked because of the proximity of the bunker most of the field of view, and players without bunkers can easily determine your position based on the bunker , And then began to carry guns, in this mode of both the enemy and me in the fair mode of view, often the player who opened the gun with the first hand can easily account for the advantage.


Obtaining Information

Regardless of the mode, the source of information is nothing more than two ways, one for the visual field and the other for the sound. In the third-person model, because of the advantage of third-person vision, most of the time, the amount of information obtained through “seeing” is often greater than “listening”. In the first-person model, the field of vision is narrowing. It is not only difficult to obtain information through the field of vision, but also the risk of self-exposure is much higher. Therefore, in the first-person mode, auditory information collection appears more important than the visual field.

Shooting advantage

I believe that many players have experienced the so-called “Voldemort” player’s black gun knock down experience, in the enemy’s marksmanship technique is equal to the gun, the cover of the player’s advantage is significantly greater than the player without a cover. In the first person, it is completely reversed. Because of the visual field’s sake, basically as long as oneself can see the opponent, then the opponent can basically see us intuitively. Under such naked four-headed handover, it often requires extremely rapid response ability, so the first person’s battle duration will be much faster than the third person.



According to the above, the following points are summarized.

First, the proportion of voice information is increased, and information acquisition is more blurred. To get more intuitive information, you need to approach the target.

The second reason is that the marksmanship often determines the wave The advantages and disadvantages of the encounter battle, the volt, and the sinfulness of the yin are not the advantage.

Third, close to the opponent, plus a frontal shot, overall, the first-person gameplay mode tests the player’s marksmanship and other hard power, and the game rhythm is faster. Less then two teams have been fighting for a long time.

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