PUBG Mobile guide Only one! Evil Road Navy Commando Play

In the stimulating battlefield, we have many kinds of tactical tactics, but these are limited to fighting on land, but there is a fact that everyone is ignored. The entire battlefield we battle is actually a complex terrain. Island, the entire map is actually surrounded by seawater

In this map , was used by friends in this map , but but 123> Most players are used to competing for various kinds of large-scale resource points. This style of play is not carried forward. Of course, such play is not a panacea, but it is very suitable for Wild Players who need long runs.

We are finished with the trial conditions. Next we will look at the hydrographic features on the map

From the above figure, we can see that there are ABC three waterways on the map that can be directly connected to the inland. How to use these three waterways to carry out outsourcing and running circles is the most important aspect of this tactic.

First, We must first select a good place to conduct the first wave of material collection. This place must meet two Features that are “unnamed houses & rdquo; and can quickly find a vessel for transfer

Second, is not the same as other styles of play However, we do not need much resources for the first wave. We only need a rifle or submachine gun to defend ourselves.

Third, Immediately after getting the self-defense weapon, look at the map and determine the location of the circle. If it is within the circle, we can spend more time on the search room. If unfortunately outside the circle, then we can quickly embark on a large resource point that can reach the waterway. Moving forward, this interpretation is more abstract. I’ll give a practical example below.

Plane passed by Mine →P City → Bungalow This line, here are two routes

(1) Choose 1/2 of the location to the left of the selected site, then quickly go to the coast to find a vessel, and then quickly find the vessel. Transferred to the hospital or G-Gang for resource collection, and finally proceeded quickly from the ruins to the inland from A, and finally landed from the ruins to complete the roundabout

(2) Select the 3 position to land, then quickly search for the boat (in the sea area below the farm will almost brush a boat), and then use the mobility of the ship, reverse running circle to M City to collect resources, then take a boat or from the land again In the circle, it is worth noting that the ship should not be stopped ashore when it is stopped, otherwise it would be impossible to go back

Fourth, It is worth noting that the map of the battlefield is It is an island, but not all land and sea junctions can be boarded. Many places are cliffs. Be sure to pay attention to this issue when you run around, otherwise it will be hard to get into the circle. If you cannot climb it, you will die. Useless bag.

In addition to the above, there are a few words about landing techniques. Good wants to be good. “Marine Corps,” We must be careful about the distance from the ship to the land, because people cannot shoot in the water, so we should be able to float and dive alternately when we are on the beach so that we can maintain a smooth breathing and Hide your own path.

Since it is the main tactics for water maneuvers, the operation of the ship is more than that of other people. That is, every time when the ship is stopped, it is necessary to try to put the ship’s bottom against the shore. The advantage is that once you meet someone who hears you blocking you on the shore, you can escape immediately instead of turning around in front of the enemy.

This is the navy’s tactics. The main content, I hope everyone can learn to use, eat chicken every day!

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