PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” SKS sniper rifle, used to say good!

Recently, PUBG Mobile has become increasingly hot, and many newcomers have joined the ranks. There are many kinds of guns in this game, but each player’s weight and the amount of guns they can carry is limited. Having a good gun can give you a firm foundation on the road to final victory.

Today to introduce a good gun for all ages, SKS.

SKS semi-automatic rifles have excellent performance both in the game and in reality. SKS was designed by the former Soviet Union during World War II and has the advantages of simple structure and good rigidity. After being introduced by many countries, China’s 56-style semi-automatic rifle is based on this gun as a prototype to improve (it is still used by rifles in honors from China, Russia and other countries). SKS’s original name is “SKS semi-automatic carbines”, the gun’s fixed magazine capacity is ten bullets, which is consistent with the game. Because of the low magazine capacity, the era of SKS only lasted for almost a decade and was quickly replaced by the AK-47 that had already been repaired.

Since this gun has now been eliminated by the military, it is very popular in the foreign semi-automatic rifle market. I know this gun is better.)

SKS is a relatively easy-to-obtain firearm and can be found on all maps. As a mid-range sniper rifle, SKS is very good (versus 98K, the power of SKS can only be said to be good), the most important thing is that it can be fired, do not have to play a shot and pull the bolt, and after the full accessories are stable Slightly better sex, smaller left and right deviations, is a good medium-term choice for players who prefer sniper rifles, and once equipped with high-powered mirrors, it can produce good suppressing effects on enemies in the middle and long distances.

But the shortcomings are also very obvious, close combat powerless, high requirements on the configuration (expansion magazine, high magnification mirror, gun mouth compensator) which is more obvious, and in the configuration requirements, but also the needs of the muzzle compensator Obviously, it is even more important to note that the guns of SKS are louder, and the sinisters can easily expose their positions when they are besieged. Therefore, once you fail to knock down the enemy, you should transfer your position as soon as possible to prevent it from being double-teamed.

SKS sniper rifle performance can be clearly experienced in the game, although there is no 98K power, there is no MINI-14 shot Speed ​​and stability, but wins in a balanced ability, suitable for all ages. In the upcoming PUBG Mobile: exciting battlefield, I believe this gun can bring you more perfect experience.

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