PUBG Mobile guide uses resourceful traps to make enemies become gun prey

The entertainment mode is the featured game of “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” because the time is short, the players are few, and the circles shrink. So Many players do not pay attention to their skills in the entertainment mode. Universal It is believed that whoever takes the lead in this mode will be able to claim the hegemony. In fact, the entertainment model is still based on survival, and has the corresponding law of the jungle. Random manipulation will only become the prey for others’ guns, and clever means will be able to control the destiny of others.

Hunters tend to place traps ahead of time when they catch prey, and then direct prey into traps and easily catch prey. The same can be done in entertainment mode, attracting enemies through artificial arrangements, confusing enemies, and defending them in the dark and killing them.

First, use drugs as traps

Drugs are indispensable for any game in the entertainment mode. Every player has enough attraction. Therefore, players can use drug layout traps to seduce enemies and then launch attacks. However, the location of medicines is not arbitrarily set. There are slight flaws, and some very experienced enemies will see the clues. For example, if the player places the medicine at the door of the house and the door opens, this eye can be seen as a trap.

In practice, the player selects the house on the edge of the safe area, which is more likely to attract enemies. When entering the house, the player closes the door of the house, then places the medicine in the center of the house and then looks for a wall as a cover. If there is a window next to this location, it will be a good idea to help the player observe the situation outside the house. After the trap is completed, players can wait for tens of seconds. If there are footsteps nearby, but no enemy has entered the house for a long time, then the player can use the thrown object at a far distance outside the house to create the illusion of gunfire. The enemy is In the panic, it is natural to look into it while entering the house to avoid it.

2. Inducing Enemies with Firearms

Each A player can be equipped with up to two firearms. In addition to the melee gameplay in the entertainment mode, it is not difficult for the player to find two firearms, and it is even easier in high-resource game play. It takes a lot of effort to find two guns with good grips. Everyone will try to find the houses they see. Therefore, players can also use firearms resources to layout traps. Although the use of firearms resources as a trap is full of dangers, “Can’t resist the children’s lack of wolf.” The enemy needs to replace the firearms of the equipment and fill the ammunition when picking up the firearms. During this time, the enemy has no threat. The player can take advantage of this opportunity to storm the attack.

Firearms resources are not the same as medicine resources. The optimal layout of traps is next to the boxes of the eliminated enemy. The box is eye-catching and not only attracts the attention of the enemy, but also dispels the concerns of the enemy.

The first method of laying out traps is applicable to the early stage of the game and the late stage of the game. There is not enough medicine on the body and players are more demanding for drugs in the later stages of the game. The second method of placing traps is very easy to use in the middle of the game. At this time, the enemies may not be satisfied with the firearms they are equipped with. They will consider replacing the problem anytime and anywhere. By the end of the game, the enemy will be well equipped and the firearms resources will be difficult to produce. Greater appeal. Of course, not every trap can be reaped, but it may produce miracles in key games, helping players to eat chicken in entertainment mode.

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