PUBG Mobile guide S1897 – “PUBG Mobile” is on the way out! When you encounter it in melee, don’t run it.

S1897 is a shotgun, commonly known as a spray gun. It is a gun that is really loved by the god of fire. It has a name for a melee killer. The general spray players enjoy the left button and kill. , pull the bolt, put the rhythm of the bullets, and S1897 has super close combat ability and lethality, almost instantly kill opponents, as long as the melee encounter it, then you can withdraw, this kind of melee gun is also very suitable for LYB Players use, think about knowing, casually crouching in which position, wishing on the hook, not close not to fight, a close to fight, even the opportunity to counterattack does not give each other, called the yin artifact!

Speaking so much, where is S1897 powerful?

S1897 is equipped with 5 rounds of base ammunition, and is equipped with a 12-gauge bullet, single-shot and cannot be equipped with sights. Stable and far, sometimes you will find that you can be struck by a shotgun so far. Its power is so great. It takes about a certain amount of captain’s time to hit it. The target is shot in a basic GG (of course, it needs to be checked).

The S1897 is a melee artifact in the PUBG Mobile. It had a shotgun that was basically invincible, but not suitable for long-range combat. If you are too far away, this gun cannot hit anyone.

In S1897, “S” stands for shotgun, the English first letter of the shotgun. It is an ancient pump-type shotgun. The gun, originally designed to clean up the German army during the First World War, was characterized by the need to push the slide bar every shot, which reduced its firing rate but gave a strong shooting rhythm (with the game same).

In the game, if you find this gun, you first need to find a favorable terrain, because this gun has certain limitations, you need to choose to stay in the narrow space, once When reaching the flat battlefield of the wilderness or plains, then the effect of this gun is almost zero. Unless the finalists are very close together, they should find a suitable bunker in the opening. Confined space is most suitable, such as in a room, but Because it is necessary to consider the problem of poisonous areas, it is generally very difficult to stay in the same place for too long, and if you stay in a remote location, it is very difficult to pick up your enemies. When you do so, try to touch the city in the safe area. The chance of this enemy being hooked is much greater.

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There is also a small detail, which is to close the door There are many players who do not close their doors after searching for things. If you use this gun, you have to close the door positively. After all, if you want to swear, you must give the other person an illusion that no one in the house is in the house. Otherwise, others see the door. Open, it will not necessarily come in. The chance of killing will be greatly reduced. If necessary, some equipment can be abandoned to lure the adversary into search. The success rate of this method is quite high, so it is reasonable to use. , you can quickly remove players who care more, and smoothly reach the finals.

This gun is more difficult to get started, not only requires exquisite marksmanship, but also need to have a certain understanding of the game, so it is not recommended for novice players to use, if you really like it , you will have to rely on multiple games to slowly accumulate experience and eventually becomeFor the real spray god!

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