PUBG Mobile guide, you must understand these details

Many players like the idea of ​​killing their enemies with a shot. There is a gameplay in the entertainment mode, attacking special training. There are two ways to fight sniper training: single sniper or sniper rifle. In the former game, the killing power of the single player is undoubted, but due to the relatively small starting safety zone of the entertainment mode, some players are not able to use the sniper rifle to kill the enemy. When the player finds the enemy, he waits until the sight is aimed and the enemy has run without a trace. When close to the enemy and strangling, it is even more inappropriate to open the mirror and aim. In the sniper training game, if the player can master shooting skills that do not open the mirror, it is easy to take advantage of this mode.

Before shooting, you need to use the crosshairs of the screen to lock the enemy. If the distance is not very far away, you can achieve a very high accuracy even if you do not open the mirror. Many players are accustomed to using a sniper rifle to open the mirror to aim at the enemy and fire again, but ignore this point. Without opening the mirror, we can use the center point of the sight to lock the attack target, confirm the general direction of the target, and then open the mirror to quickly shorten the aiming time.

If the distance between the enemy and each other is very close, then you can use the sighting target to find the enemy first, then hide behind the bunker and roughly estimate the position of the enemy. When everything is ready, the player leans to the right or left according to the actual situation, quickly opens the mirror and shoots. If it does not kill, the player must quickly cancel the evacuation movement, hide behind the bunker and change the bullet, and then move the perspective to observe the position of the enemy’s movement, then adjust the sight and launch the second attack.

When fighting at close quarters, the blindness rate is low, if not When the enemy shots, the player will be in a passive position. Different from long-range combat, players do not have too much time to preview. In order to avoid the enemy bullets, we must keep moving. This time, we aim our front sight at the enemy and shoot it. There is a great chance that the bullet will fall. . Then how to operate it is more appropriate? The player will lift the gun and the front sight will move a little over the enemy’s head. Instantly, the player will focus downwards and the gun will fall on the enemy’s head. Shoot it to kill the enemy. In this process, the player must operate continuously, at one go, with a slight interruption, and the trajectory of the bullet will deviate.

Some players may have doubts about blind magic tricks: Does having different magnifications have an impact on the use of blind ticks? • The magnification mirror is mainly used to increase accuracy in the use of blind tricks. Even if the sniper rifle is not equipped with a double lens, it can be blinded. Of course, if the player can find the 4x or 8x lens, it is beneficial to observe the situation of the enemy while fighting in the long distance.

This technique is common in first-person shooter games. It is more difficult to use in third-person games such as “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus”. Players need to accumulate experience and practice skillfully. When players practice in the sniper special training game, try to use gyroscopes to control their own front sight movements, which is better than the hand rubbing screen and the effect is better.

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