PUBG Mobile guide – PUBG Mobile, Remote Killer! It is not a dream to use it first

As a survival game, firearms are indispensable. Whenever AWM is mentioned, everyone must have heard its name in most shooting games. A large-powered sniper rifle will appear in the center. The gun’s main feature is its super-range range and super high damage, which is the most critical attribute in the game. It can be said that an AWM plus eight times the border can be almost invincible, just to find a suitable bunker, to avoid the enemy close combat, you can easily kill the enemy invisible, its damage is enough to spike any level of helmet, but The shortcomings are also very obvious. The bullets are scarce, and Meng is difficult to get started. When faced with constantly moving opponents, it is generally difficult to hit and requires superb shooting skill to hit. A confident partner who can use his own marksmanship can try.

AWM is a British manufacturing company Developed to perform sniper missions, the rifle was developed on the basis of the L96A1 rifle. It was designed in accordance with the requirements of the British Army’s new sniper rifle experimental requirements, highlighting the reliability of use in Arctic climate conditions.

Its main feature is the structural design of antifreeze, design of a special surface protective layer, to absorb ice-dust slag Shallow trenches allow them to work reliably at minus 40 degrees Celsius, and they can also be used in the tropics. It can be said to be a terrible weapon that can adapt to any environment. However, this gun is very demanding for users. It not only needs super physical values, but also needs powerful on-site performance and accuracy.

Generally, in the battle, the user will fully utilize the advantages of terrain to hide himself and accurately lock it with an extremely precise sight. As long as the enemy’s heads can make a killing success rate as high as 100%, AWM can play such a terrible role in the real battlefield. How can it be used correctly in the game?

Use this in the game When a gun is fired, first it is necessary to determine the operational strategy. After discovering the location of the enemy, first seek out the cover and try to select the commanding height (the top of the hill or the high-rise of the house). If aiming without revealing yourself, be sure to aim at the head and ensure a strike. Will kill. If there is no hit when the first shot is fired, it is necessary to carefully observe the placement of the bullet and quickly adjust the aiming point of the second shot. If you miss three shots in a row, you must start moving decisively to prevent the enemy from finding a specific location and then look for the next attack opportunity.

As long as the hit is successful, then the opponent will not die, but when attacking a remote enemy, you need to ensure that there are no enemies around you. AWM’s gunfire is huge, and gunfire characteristics are obvious, and it is very likely that it will attract sharks.

Once AWM hits, it is basically a shot and a child, but if the hit rate is too low, you should pay attention to your remaining bullets. In fact, because of the use of the only Magnum bullets of the entire weapon, there is no place to fill up the bullets, and they can only find airborne luck.

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