PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile Which are your favorite guns?

Players who have played PUBG Mobile know that the gun system in PUBG Mobile is particularly rich, and it perfectly restores the actual situation of each gun. Performance, in the game, we saw the inhumane power of AKM, and it was scared by the recoil of the new player. We also saw the stability of the M416 when it was full, enough for us to smash everywhere, only In order to be able to roar in the finals, “dogs”, then you may not have seen, these guns in the real name of the real, let’s come to select several games in the highly restored world-class guns, and talk Talk about their actual situation in reality.

1. Thompson submachine gun

The Thompson submachine gun was once a fearful gun for all dreaming teenagers, but since Thomson was removed by airdrops, it has become visible everywhere. The price/performance ratio has come directly to a 720 degree turnaround, even Directly replaced UZI micro submachine guns, has become a new generation of hand residual artifact, because this submachine gun regardless of performance or feel, are the king of the submachine gun level, and in reality, the gun’s age is also the grandfather of many guns.

The earliest version of this gun was produced in 1910. It has been a long history. After the most famous war, it was the Second World War. The submachine gun in the game may be an improved version of the 1922 production. But these are not important (because I don’t understand), but it is important that Yan value, perhaps the players who played the gun battle game, all know this gun, and the value of this gun in the eyes of the player has been erratic, but in the eyes of real firearms enthusiasts, the Thompson submachine gun is undoubtedly all firearms , one of the highest value (said to be able to become a world famous gun, not only excellent performance, but also worthy of extra points, have to say that you can do whatever you want)!

2. AKM

AKM is the target of comparison for many players and is usually compared to M16A4 and M416 because AKM is the opposite of the two guns. Having a higher power and a more uncontrollable recoil at the same time, which makes many novice players only admire its high output, but it has no idea about it. Actually, AKM is not really prepared for the novice, because this firearm, It is a new artifact in the true sense of massacre, not a novice artifact.

AKM is an improved version of the AK-47, which began production in 1959 and is one of the lightest versions of the AK series. Many people will think that AKM and AK-47 are only inferior in weight and accessories, but many people do not know that AKM has a more advanced failure-proof design, and the gun can enter the ranks of world-class guns is also normal (AK The series of world-renowned guns are huge, and they don’t shout at artifacts.)

3. AWM

How good the gun is, I believe anyone who plays has known that the advantages are high precision, high injury, high range, and unbeatable strength. , In addition to nothing to say, I can only remind you: “Airdrop risk, dreams need to be cautious.

The production date of AWM is unknown. It is said that many countries have a history of development and AWM performance varies from country to country.However, it is a must-have sniper rifle for all armed forces. There is no doubt that the invincible performance in the game has also made the criminal gangs frustrated in reality, and it is purely a name to be able to enter the world of guns.

Only a little inventory was made today World-class guns, don’t show your love guns and don’t shoot me with bricks. In fact, no matter what kind of gun you like, you must have discovered its advantages. Just like I still use the UZI as a deputy weapon. For me, as long as you can kill the firearms, the feel is the most important ( Oh, forgot to say that my main weapon is AKM).

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