PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile M16A4, King of Medium Distance Shot

Among the PUBG Mobile guns, there is no doubt that the rifle has the greatest cries and fans. Whether it is range, speed of fire, or power, it is all superior, and with many accessories, the installation of high-powered mirrors can also strike at distant enemies. In the rifle M16A4 is also present as the rifle with the highest refresh rate, then Xiaobian took everyone to know about this M16A4.

M16A4, three major 5.56 One of the series of rifles, all refreshed, and as the rifle has the highest refresh rate, players often call it M16.

Let’s first look at its own performance data. Its damage is medium in the rifle, and it causes single injuries in different body armor and helmets are:

No bullet protection Clothing 41 without helmet 103

Level 1 body armor 29 First level helmet 72

Two-stage body armor 24 Two-stage helmet 62

Three-stage body armor 18 Level III Helmet 46

This is not a bunch of numbers. The Xiaobian will analyze the information and change it into more intuitive words. Full blood state, no body armor 3 guns fell to the ground, each multi-level body armor is more than one shot. In the headshot state, even if the three-level head, it can’t beat three shots.

The next thing to look at is the speed of the bullet. Compared with other rifles, it is the fastest in the same type of rifle. And PUBG Mobile’s controversial system will determine the death or fall of the first injury, and the damage he caused to you at the same time is invalid. So bullet speed is particularly important at this time.

When the bullet speed is finished, the shooting speed must be mentioned. This is a comparison. The wonderful setting, on the one hand, gives the M16A4 the highest shooting speed, but at the same time it doesn’t have a fully automatic mode. It only has three consecutive modes, which means that if you press fast enough, theoretically it will have the highest rate of fire. However, it is impossible to maintain a high-intensity click speed in actual combat, so it seems to be a little tasteless to Meng Xin, or even a weakness.

I don’t care, the excellent bullet speed and the shooting speed make the M16A4 a mid-range point shot with other rifles. Within 400 meters, it’s no exaggeration to say which one can be said.

As a rifle, Accessories are also a very important part. The M16 needs the least accessories, and even can not be said to eat accessories, its own powerful attributes, in the hands of the old players even naked guns can belong to eating chicken weapon.

M16A4 is a relatively difficult to use, but it has a powerful rifle, can match with high-power lens Damage output from the mid-range distance, it is recommended that you use familiarity as soon as possible.

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