PUBG Mobile guide Rip gun – “PUBG Mobile” for novice entry weapon S12K

Hey, have you recently fallen in love with a game?

There are 100 people playing the game on the island where you chase me!

Everyone in the game is armed with firearms.

At the end of the game, only one person or team survives first!

It is in this stressful environment that you can enjoy the stimulation that you did not try in real life, although it is not important to win or lose. The process is the most important. Can it always be a box, right? That sentence must be a new one to comfort yourself!

So how do you live in the game for a long time, first of all, you need to find a gun! With a gun in your hand, whether it is a bag, an attacking building or an ambush, you will have a complete sense of security!

Today’s introduction is a Extremely temperament shotgun – S12K.

Many people will ask: “What is S12K?” ” is a gun! It’s a gun ah!

“What are the advantages of S12K? ” Finally asked the key! Next we do a comprehensive analysis of S12K.

S12K in PUBG Mobile: Stimulus 123>

S12K is the full name of Saiga-12 in real life and was used by Kalashnikov in the 1990s in Izmachyk, Russia. The AK series developed and produced semi-automatic combat shotguns, Russian: Сайга-12 (I wouldn’t read it anyway). In Russia, to obtain this kind of shotgun is actually relatively simple and only needs to obtain a “sliding shotgun” (hunting license). Certificate) & rdquo;

Parameters of the S12K in the game:

Caliber: 12th

Shooting mode: single shot

Shooting interval: 0.250S

Magazine capacity: 5/8 rounds

Advantages: You can use rifle accessories to collect relatively well. With a fast expansion magazine clip, the fault-tolerance rate is very high. The bullet magazine has a capacity of 8 shots. It can shoot continuously and has a very fast replacement speed. When four rows are very powerful, it is very suitable for novice sprayers. The first thing to learn after having this gun is to aim and shoot again! (nonsense!)

Disadvantages: The bullets spread more severely. The damage is much lower than that of the S686 and the S1897. Often one bullet hits an immortal person. In this case, you can play. Two or three fat! (nonsense) In addition, due to the large diameter, the S12K has a strong recoil when shooting bullets and shells, which is what we call recoil. This kind of force will make the gun unstable, resulting in difficulty in aiming.

S12K is a shotgun The “spray speed” “king”, usually found after landing on the house or bag can be met, S12K is a downright melee weapon, when attacking the building, do not be afraid, go up and suddenly fell under the two boxes In the final round, they can also use a muffled S12K ambush in a wheat field or grassland and see people spray from behind. The premise is to aim at people. This gun is very powerful and can be used very carefully. The power of control.

If the old irons pick up the gun, they want to use it until the final round If you do, you can search the building for its accessories, like what silencers, flame arresters, red dot sights, holographic sights, etc., you can use them. Even if you use high magnification lenses, you can also install them. Can’t play so far &123;

Finally, I wish the old irons could find a favorite gun in the game. In order to play in the game, you will have a good time and make fun!

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