PUBG Mobile guide [Firearms Knowledge] Newcomer Chicken Essentials, Overview of Firearms Category

Competitive games have always been eye-catching. Their tense fighting atmosphere makes players unable to stop. They feel like they are on the ground, calmly thinking about ways to solve their enemies, and finally kill the enemy to gain victory and feel happy. This PUBG genuine mobile game produced by Photon is a “chicken” game, which is also a kind of competitive game, this game is quite playable, especially the photonics studio is handled in detail, making a lot of Players applaud. The players participating in the game naturally aim to eat chickens. Among them, many factors such as players’ judgment and psychological quality are tested. Players are in a hurry and need to find a way to win in a short time. If you want to stabilize your chicken, you need to understand the magic weapon.

I. Pistols

Many players can’t wait to find submachine guns, rifles, and other weapons after landing. Instead, they ignore weapons like pistols. The role of the pistol can not be underestimated, it is not dispensable. Some players think that the power of the pistol is relatively small, and they occupy an empty space in the main weapon. They are not worth picking. Searching rifles, assault rifles, and other weapons have no effect. They encounter enemies, rush up unarmedly, and are killed by the enemy. They end up in failure. The mood will naturally become worse.

In fact, in the early stages of the game, the pistol is a kind of firearm worthy of picking. Before the other more powerful firearms have been found, the pistol will become a weapon that effectively kills the enemy. Although its power is not great, but relatively speaking, the enemy’s defense is not high, killing the enemy is still a breeze. Why do you say this? At this time, it is in the early stage of the game. There are few armor and helmets and the enemy may not be able to reach. In this case, the pistol will play a greater role and its ballistic trajectory will be relatively stable. It is aimed at the enemy’s head and can quickly kill the enemy. It can get out of danger and get more resources.

2. Shotguns

Shotguns are a shotgun The firearms with the more powerful but less prominent firearms are shockingly destructive, but they are quite limited. They need to play an important role in a short distance, and they are slow to shoot. If they cannot kill an enemy in one shot, the latter will suffer. endless. However, it is an effective tool to help players spend the dangerous period in the early game. In the close fight with the enemy, as long as calm and calm, with certainty to kill the enemy, you can open fire. If the enemy has not yet died, in this case the player should not be in a disarray, quickly change the ball, and dodge from side to side to prevent the enemy from shooting. After filling the ammunition, immediately fire the enemy again to complete the kill.

3. Rifles

Rifles are familiar to most players. The firearms of the firearms are relatively stable, they can be used both at long range and at close range. They are one of the important weapons for stabilizing chickens. However, because of its importance, it is difficult for players to find traces of such firearms in the search for supplies. Don’t panic in this situation. Players will search patiently and give priority to exploring larger houses. They can find such firearms resources. When searching for a rifle, if the player has ample backpack space, he or she will need to find more accessories for the rifle. With these accessories, the fighting power of the players will also be greatly improved.

IV. Submachine guns

Submachine guns have similarly high heat. Faster ball speed and less difficulty in picking up are the most important weapons for most players to stick to the finals. In close combat with the enemy, the damage caused by the submachine gun is considerable. If the player does not find a satisfactory main weapon, the submachine gun may be temporarily used during the search for supplies. If you suddenly encounter an enemy, you can respond quickly and raise your gun to fire. Before the enemy has reacted, kill it.

V. Sniper Rifles

Many players want to be themselves The sniper, holding a sniper rifle, stayed at a sheltered place and waited for opportunities to move. After discovering the enemy, he used a sniper rifle to kill him with a shot, without mercy. However, the search for sniper rifles is more difficult. Players need special attention and cannot search for such weapons. If you get a sniper rifle, it should also be equipped with a magnifying lens with magnification before it can be used. After discovering the enemy, do not open the fire quickly. For a sniper, the opportunity is only once. You need to think twice and quickly grasp the opportunity to take away the lives of the enemy without hesitation.

The PUBG genuine hand travel produced by Photon is remarkable, and it is not difficult to see the good intentions of the Photon Studio from its placement of fine furniture in the room. Bitter, you also hope that many players are involved in this game. The knowledge of firearms has been clearly understood. Players should also apply them to actual combat. Through repeated practice exercises, the chicken winning rate is greatly improved.

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