PUBG Mobile guide Tear Gun – Detailed Explanation of PUBG Mobile Submachine Gun: Thomson

When you see the name of the firearms in the title, I believe many people are a bit puzzled. What kind of submachine gun is Thomson? But people who often watch gangster films are certainly familiar with this gun. It is the famous Chicago typewriter, and I believe that the brave teenagers who often dreamt are also extremely familiar with it. It used to be the dream terminator!

Once you risked your life, passing through countless guns and cannonballs, ignoring the cries of comrades in their comrades’ arms. After a miraculous red airdrop, the airdrop only gave you a Thompson submachine gun. At that time, did you have the mood to die near your dream? However, the Thompson submachine gun was later removed from the drop box, but it is still one of the better weapons. In reality, Thomson is also a high-level weapon that many executives will equip. In the PUBG Mobile game that restores firearms to the ultimate, Thomson’s restoration is just as good. Then I come to Thompson as the world name. Shooting waves, so that everyone has a new understanding of it.

PUBG The Thomson submachine gun in Mobile: Stimulate the Battlefield

After the Thompson submachine was delisted, the reputation began to be straight. Rise, say that it is to wash the ground for it, it is better to reshape the image for it, I hope everyone’s impression of it should not stay in it or dream terminator version.

As a weapon that ran out of an airdrop, Thomson always had top performance in submachine guns. In the age of dreams, Thomson was deprived of airdrops to benefit thousands of new people and become love guns for many novices. What about the actual performance of such a gun? The following is for you.

1. Thompson submachine gun It is a gun with an extremely long history. It was born in 1910. It is the grandfather level of many firearms in PUBG Mobile. It is nearly a century earlier than the individual guns.

2. The Thompson submachine gun is the most famous submachine gun of the U.S. Army in World War II. At the same time, it is used outside the war. The Thompson submachine gun It was also a firearm used by American police and criminals at that time. The Chicago gang had used this gun to cause a great number of casualties, which made the gun extremely disgusted by the people of the time.

3. The main reason for the gun’s birth was that the designer was not suitable for each tactic based on the BAR automatic rifle during World War I. The shortcomings that led to the development of a large power submachine gun.

4. China once used the Thompson submachine gun to participate in the Korean War. Long-term equipment and militias along the southeast coast have been used until the 1970s. The final period.

5. The Thompson submachine gun has a large power and the firing rate is suitable for close combat. The disadvantage is that the structure is too complex, the quality is large, and the accuracy is insufficient. , And the cost is expensive.

After reading the above After that, presumably the Thompson submachine guns should be followed by a group of followers. Although I said many meanings, “The Thompson submachine gun is a novice artifact”, but it does not mean that there is no love, in the close combat, Many gurus have abandoned the S1897 and S12K shotguns for their high fault-tolerance rate (S686 I will never abandon). Instead, they are Thomson’s powerful fire suppression, which is extremely suitable for teammates to invade. (Of course, handheld submachine gun players please consciously walk in the front, who knows youWill be excited to sweep teammates), and in the forthcoming PUBG Mobile genuine mobile games, stimulate the battlefield, we can see this submachine gun king, when the time to see abandoned Thomson, must mention Get up and teach them to be human!