PUBG Mobile guide [Firearms knowledge] learn to subjectively choose firearms, no longer tangled with what gun

In the past, shooting competition games were prepared with related weapons in advance. The only thing the player needs to consider is how to kill the enemy. Recently, the “fighting chicken” game is inconceivable. For players, how to survive better, until it becomes the first, this is the essence of the game. Photon produced PUBG genuine hand travel highly restored end-effects, and details in place to allow players to have a more realistic gaming experience. So how can we beat other players? This is a topic to talk about, of course, the player’s primary concern is to choose what kind of firearms to fight.

I. Personality

Playing games is a relaxing process. Players gain a lot of pleasure through victory, so as to relieve fatigue and eliminate inner haze. But the way we all go to win is different, which is related to the character of each player. In this game with “Chicken” as the main purpose, the player character can be divided into two categories.

A player who is brave and brave, who is aggressive and aggressive, who encounters the enemy without hesitation, kills the enemy is such a player The priority is followed by how to step into the finals. This kind of player prefers to play close against the enemy, not the long distance you come to me. For these players, the submachine gun is more suitable as the main weapon, which is a gun suitable for close combat. In the process of confronting the enemy, the submachine gun is the best choice for such players.

In contrast to the other player’s character, such players do not have to be unrestrained, but also enjoy the opportunity to seize the right time and cause enemies. A fatal blow. In this case, the sniper rifle or rifle is more suitable for such players. In contrast, these two kinds of firearms are more powerful than submachine guns, and the trajectory is not as erratic as submachine guns, killing more distant opponents .

2. Geographic location

The location of the skydiving between the player and the player is different, and the geographical location is different. . Some players are in densely populated areas, and some players are in wilderness areas. Both types of players need to consider the required firearms according to their own circumstances, and kill the enemies in a short time, and then step forward to the finals.

Selecting places where there are many houses, such players themselves are considering to acquire more resources and win at the starting line. , but most players think this way, which has caused a lot of circumstance. In the face of more enemies around, what kind of firearm is more suitable for use at this time? Naturally, submachine guns or shotguns, if you do not pick up these two kinds of firearms, you only need to choose a handgun or a melee weapon. Either quickly withdraw from this place, or while the enemy is still searching for resources, approach it with Thunder and kill it in unexpected circumstances.

If the wilderness is selected, resources are less and the player may not find a weapon suitable for him. In this case, there is no need to consider too much. The limited resources are first searched for, and then they are approached to the small houses around them. In this case, the player runs more in the wild and can pay attention to the presence or absence of airdrops around the aircraft. If it is determined that there are no enemies in the body, he quickly sweeps the empty investment source and evacuates it, approaching the center of the safety zone. At this time, the rifle is the main weapon for priority equipment.

3. Material situation

When the player selects the firearms, he can not only consider what kind of firearm he wants to use, but himself. Which type of firearm can be used in a short timeKill the enemy inside. In addition to firearms, players also pick up related accessories, medicines, and armor. If a certain number of firearms accessories are available to enhance the offensive capabilities of such firearms, then one can consider them as main weapons; if there is sufficient medicine, some close combat weapons, such as submachine guns, can be selected during the close combat. Inevitably, it will be harmed. Medicines can help players recover quickly and they will not be powerless to face the next enemy. On the contrary, if medicines are not enough, middle-distance guns should be used as main weapons, such as sniper rifles, and the use of such firearms is more likely to be harmless. To kill, to avoid excessive loss of blood; according to the armor consider the situation of firearms and drugs exactly the same, armor is sufficient, you can use this advantage to fight with the enemy close.

The fun of this game is precisely the fact that players need to consider more situations and choose different firearms at different times to make themselves invincible. Players want to improve their combat capabilities, but also should invest a lot of photon production of this PUBG genuine mobile game, and give it affirmation.